Merrifield Park Riverwalk Extension

The City of Mishawaka, working through our partners at the Indiana Department of Transportation and the Michiana Area Council of Governments (MACOG), recently awarded the planned extension of the Mishawaka Riverwalk through Merrifield Park to Rieth-Riley Construction of South Bend. The project includes the relocation of the existing access drive, the construction of the Riverwalk, creation of a more formal boat launch, new parking, and a replacement restroom building. 

Once completed, this section will extend the Riverwalk from the “Merrifield/Crawford Park Connector” under Mishawaka Avenue to the intersection of Prospect and Indiana Avenue.

The City worked with MACOG to obtain Federal Transportation Enhancement (TE) funds which are funding approximately 80% of the nearly 3 million dollar project.

Rieth-Riley has informed the City that they plan on operating heavy equipment on Monday, May 15th, weather permitting. This will essentially close the areas of Merrifield Park adjacent to the river including the Camp LaSalle Playground, the restroom building, and Castle Manor until December of 2017.

During construction, the Merrifield pool is intended to remain open as long as the patching repairs of the recent vandalism hold.

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