Mayor Wood Participates in Marian Knights Service Day

Mayor Dave Wood along with Juniors and Seniors from Marian High School participated in Knights Service Day on Wednesday, October 17th. Together, they worked on the Habitat for Humanity site at the corner of Byrkit and Jefferson Road in Mishawaka and laid the sod on House #5, finished the sod on House #4, and completed sod on House #28. Habitat representatives were surprised at how much work these students were able to get done in four short hours as they did not expect them to get the sod completed on House #5 let alone complete work on two other yards.

Ericka, the owner of House #5, had heard that the Mayor and students would be doing this project in the morning. Stopping by at lunch to see their progress, Ericka was pleasantly surprised when she pulled up to her new home and the sod and landscaping was complete. She took the students inside for a tour of her home and expressed her thanks for all their hard work.

(l to r): Mayor Dave Wood, Joseph Wood, Dominic Blume, Aaliyah Moore, homeowner Ericka, Catherine Cataldo, Hannah Hopson, Luke Krizman, Matt Sobieralski (teacher), Dylan Anderson.