2019 CIPP Sewer Rehabilitation Information

updated 12/09/19 - 9:30am

Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) Sewer Rehabilitation work will be taking place in various locations throughout the City beginning on Monday, August 12, 2019. A complete list of locations for this year's project can be found here. Updates will be posted as dates and times of specific locations are finalized.

CIPP is a trenchless (no digging) construction method in which a liner (soft piece of pipe) is installed inside the existing sewer pipe. The liner is then inflated, steamed and cured. Once cured, the liner is as strong and durable as a new piece of pipe.

On rare occasions during the lining process, residents may notice a distinctive resin-like odor (similar to a nail salon) in nearby homes and businesses. The odor is not an indicator of danger, and should dissipate quickly if exposed to air. The odor is typically limited to the block of the actual lining, but on rare occasions may travel through the liner to further locations. Often, the odor enters through a pipe that either does not have a trap, or one that has a dried out trap.

Residents and business owners are asked to be proactive in reducing the possibility of odor infiltration by filling any floor drains and/or traps with a bucket of water to reduce the possibility of this odor entering your home or business.

Questions regarding this work may be directed to Mark Schlieve of Visu-Sewer at (800) 876-8478.

2019 CIPP Sewer Rehabilitaion Locations


Work Date & Location*

last updated 12/09/19  9:30am

Date Location
Aug 12 - Main St from 1401 S. Main St. to 1311 S. Main St
Aug 13 - Park Ave. from 350 Park Ave N. to 426 Park Ave. N
- Alley between Edgewater and Park Ave S. from 349 Park Ave. S to 407 Park Ave. S
- Marion St from 702 W. Marion St. to Benton St. 
Aug 14 - Fifth St from S. Center St. to S. Wells St.
- Sixth St from 530 W. 6th St. to 334 W. 6th St. 
Aug 15 - Marion St from Division St. to Locust St.
- Merrifield Ave. from E. 6th Street to 413 S. Merrifield Ave. 

Aug 19 - E. Fifth St from 935 E. Fifth St to East St
Aug 20 - Gernhart Ave from E. Linden Ave to 501 Gernhart Ave
- W. Sixth St from S. West St to 334 W. Sixth St
Aug 21 - W. Sixth St from Cleveland St to 928 W. Sixth St
- Linden Ave from N. Delorenzi Ave to 2028 Linden Ave
- Melville St from Third St to 225 Melville St
Aug 22 - N. Byrkit Ave from Mishawaka Ave to Prospect Dr
- E. Third St from Virgil St to 1528 E. Third St

Aug 26 - Lincolnway East at the intersection of Bittersweet Rd.
- E. Lawrence St. from Elm St. to Oak St.
Aug 27 - W. Battell St. from Calhoun St. to Webster St.
Aug 28 - E. Fourth St. from N. Logan St. to Columbia St.
Aug 29 - E. McKinley Ave. from Went Ave. to Filbert Rd.
- Medford Lane between Dawes Place and Hampton Rd.

Sep 3 - E. Jefferson Blvd from Hoosier Ave to Francis St
Sep 4 - W. McKinley Ave between Grape Rd and Main St
Sep 5 - Wenger Ave from Prospect Ave to Grove St
- E. 4th St from Roosevelt Ave to Downey Ave
Sep 6 - E. Lawrence St from Cedar St to Elm St
- E. Grove St from Elm St to Oak St

Sep 9 - W. McKinley Ave from Benton St to Forest Ave
Sep 10 - E. 3rd St from Campbell St to S. Byrkit Ave
- S. Captial Ave between Greenlawn Ave and Marshall Dr
Sep 11 - Division St. at the intersectoin of E. Lawrence Ave
- Savanna Pass (Storm Sewer) between Day Rd and Peachtree Ln

Dec 10 - Ray St. between Lincolnway East and Third St.
Dec 11 - Ray St. between Lincolnway East and Third St.
Dec 12 - Schumacher Dr. between McKinley Ave. and Imus Dr.
(WB curb lane will be restricted)

* weather permitting