City Announces Restaurant Innovation Grant Program

The City of Mishawaka has partnered with the South Bend Regional Chamber of Commerce to administer the Restaurant Innovation Grant program. The program will offer assistance to small, locally owned restaurants a grant to support safety measures to minimize the Spread of COVID-19. Each business may receive up to $5,000 to purchase personal safety equipment and other items to ensure the restaurant can remain safely open to customers and employees.

“Restaurants in the City of Mishawaka have made concessions during the COVID-19 Pandemic to protect the health and safety of their staff and customers. These measures have been done at great cost to these businesses and during this process many have had to deal with a significant decline in business”, said Mayor Dave Wood. “Restaurants are beginning to return to normal, and we want to show our restaurants that we support and appreciate all that they have done for our citizens over the past year trying to stay open safely and for improving the quality of life for all who live in and visit the Princess City. This grant program is one small way that the City can support these restaurants in the recovery phase of the pandemic.”

“No industry has been hit harder than the restaurant industry, and some difficult days lie ahead for many of our local restaurants. We’re grateful the City has recognized the challenges so many of these small businesses have faced and in response marshalled the resources to help provide a needed lifeline,” said Jeff Rea, President and CEO of the South Bend Regional Chamber of Commerce. “We look forward to teaming up to deliver this program and to provide some immediate relief to so many important business partners.”

To qualify for up to $5,000 in grant support, businesses must meet the following criteria:

  • Restaurants or bars must be independently owned and/or headquartered and located within the City of Mishawaka
  • Must have a business license with the City of Mishawaka
  • Must currently be open to the general public
  • Must be able to document at least one job retained and held by a low to moderate income person
  • Must be able to document investments made towards increasing the public’s safety and their employees, this includes proof in the form of pictures and receipts.
  • Cannot have any outstanding health orders, code violations or public nuisance orders from the City of Mishawaka.

Priority will be given to restaurant owners of 10 or fewer employees per restaurant before assisting larger businesses.

To apply, visit or click the button below:

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