Mishawaka Lineworkers Competition Team

Seven Mishawaka Utilities electrical lineworkers posing atop pole with Indiana flag Lineworkers rodeos showcase the safety and skills that are critical to the jobs that journeymen lineworkers use every day. Mishawaka Utilities and their lineworkers proudly compete in these events to showcase that Mishawaka has one of the best Electric Departments, and their dedication to “world class service” for their community and its citizens. The City of Mishawaka, Mishawaka Utilities Electric, and their lineworkers competed for the first time in 2008, at the APPA National Lineman’s Rodeo, held in Indianapolis, IN.

Lineworkers rodeos are held through out the country, where lineworkers come together to compete against each other performing every day job skills that are set up in a competition setting. Teams of three lineworkers climb poles, build overhead construction, pull up wire and hang transformers, all within a set time limit. Scoring for these events is based on safety, team work, and the ability to build pole constructions to set specifications.

In addition to the development of individual and team skills, one of the primary benefits of participating in these rodeos is the camaraderie that is developed among competing lineworkers. This common bond provides opportunities for making new friends, developing a strong "brotherhood", and the open dialogue of new techniques, safety procedures, and work experiences.