Huston-Watt House

Street Address: 1213 Prospect Drive

Architecture: Colonial Revival

Year Built: 1929

Year Landmarked:

City Ordinance: 5190

National Registry #:

This Colonial Revival style house was built in 1929 by Thomas and Emma Huston. From the time it was built until 2016, the house was owned by three generations of the Huston-Watt family. On January 2, 1929, Achille C. Colpaert sold Lot 305, Lincoln Garden Realty Company, First Addition to the Hustons, who eventually sold it to their daughter and her husband, Florence and Edward Watt in June, 1956. In June of 1995, the Watts sold the property to their only child, Mary A. Watt. 

The brick dwelling with its “airing porch” side wing on the east side of the house retains the original balustrade (railing) on the flat roof. Facing Prospect Drive, the structure continues to stand as it did when completed in 1929.

The façade of the house is brick, designed in the stretcher bond and/or running bond style. The front entry has a classic entablature with pair of fluted columns (pilasters) surrounding the original wood door. The house has a total of 26 wood weight and pulley style double-hung windows whose panes are made from drawn glass. Window placement is symmetrical on the north, east and west sides but asymmetrical on the south (or back) side. The hip roof is protected with a composition shingle.

During the Depression, the house was rented briefly by Albert L. Doyle, who later became Mayor of Mishawaka serving a four-year term from 1955-1959.