Normain Heights District

Street Address: North Main Street north of McKinley Avenue

Architecture: Multiple

Year Built: 1948

Year Landmarked: 2002

City Ordinance:

National Registry #: 02000203

Normain Heights is a post-World War II subdivision built between 1947 and 1949 on what had been an eighty (80) acre farm on the north side of Mishawaka. In 1946 the local American Legion and VFW organizations became concerned with the housing shortage for returning World War II veterans. Joining with a local union they formed the Veterans' Homes of Mishawaka and acquired the land necessary for the construction with a loan to be repaid from the sales of the homes. While providing affordable housing for veterans, the Normain Heights subdivision also became a model for such subsequent developments.

Composed of 315 houses in seven (7) different styles, Normain Heights lies along and east of North Main Street and North of McKinley Avenue (US 20). The homes were designed to accommodate World War II Veterans and their families with low to moderate incomes and were either two or three bedroom; some with poured-concrete basements, some built on a concrete slab.

Among the seven (7) house styles are four variations of one-story dwellings, all clearly derivatives of the popular Cape Cod style, a one-and-one-half story, a split-level, and a two story foursquare. Characteristic of several of the styles is a large mullioned wood-frame picture window (twelve panes) in the living room. Apart from this, the remaining windows in all seven of the house types were one-over-one wood-frame double-hung sashes, paired at times.

Historic District Guidelines

City Ordinance 5574AA