Historic Preservation News & Events

Historic Preservation Commission Honors Bethel University

Bethel University has been selected as the newest site for the lcoation of a historical marker. Formerly known as Bethel College, the University was founded in 1947 and renamed Bethel University in 2019. Previously the site of a horse farm for a local Buick dealer, Bethel University has been impacting the community for over 50 years.

Edgewater Park Virtual Meeting and Next Steps

Earlier this year, the Edgewater Park Neighborhood Association and the Historic Preservation Commission shared the guidelines for a tiered Historic district depending on the rating. Based on feedback that was received at the February meeting, the guidelines about landscaping were lessened, and the guidelines regarding driveways and sidewalks were omitted.

May Is Historic Preservation Month

The Historic Preservation Commission placed approximately 50 signs around the City to highlight houses and/or neighborhoods with historic significance. Contact the City Planning Department at (574) 258-1625 to find out more information on if your house is historic or to have a sign placed in your yard.

Edgewater Park Historic District Guidelines

In the summer of 2018, the Mishawaka Historic Preservation Commission held an informational meeting with the Edgewater neighborhood. Shortly thereafter, a Neighborhood Association was formed and has since held events such as block parties and garage sales.