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The Mishawaka Utilities Water Division has started its semi-annual fire hydrant flushing program. This process consists of periodically “flushing” or flowing the fire hydrants and is an important quality assurance activity that facilitates the removal of the minute iron and manganese particles that nature provides via the formations through which the aquifer percolates. The schedule of dates and locations for system flushing is available on this website.

Water Division personnel will conduct the flushing of the hydrants and water mains. Occasionally after system flushing is performed, the water may have a “white cloudy” or a “rusty” or orange discoloration. The white, cloudy discoloration is generally caused by minute air bubbles trapped in the water mains. If this is the cause, the cloudiness will dissipate after the water sits in a glass for a few moments; it is not harmful and will dissipate after a short time. The orange or rusty discoloration is generally caused by the iron particles stirred by the flushing process, while a grey discoloration is generally caused by manganese particles likewise moved by the flushing process. To remove either of these discolorations, first the cold water taps in a residence should be opened and allowed to flow until the water runs clear from each cold water tap. Next, if the hot water is discolored, the hot water taps likewise should be opened and flowed until the hot water lines run clear. The commodes should also be flushed once or twice as any particles trapped in the commode tanks will remain until this process is done. This purging process should not require prolonged flushing. If the problem persists, contact the
MU Water Division for assistance at 258-1652.

Remember, periodic flushing is necessary to purge the water distribution system of iron and manganese deposits that may have settled in the water mains over a long period of time. Although not harmful, these residues can discolor the water and lead to discolored laundry or stained plumbing fixtures. Flushing allows us to purge the water distribution system of these residues and thus enhances the esthetic qualities of the potable water we provide to our customers. The flushing program also serves to help us verify that fire hydrants and associated valves operate properly.

Use caution when driving or walking near a fire hydrant that is being flushed.

If you have questions or concerns please direct them to David Majewski at 258-1652

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