Citywide GIS Coordinator

POSITION:  Citywide GIS Coordinator

DEPARTMENT:  Engineering

DATE POSTED:  January 6, 2022

DATE CLOSED:  until filled

WAGES:  $2,245.48 bi-weekly

HOURS:  8:30am - 4:45pm


DEFINITION:  Manages the overall city-wide Geographical Information System (GIS) technology for all departments use. Maintains all aspects of ESRI ArcGIS software including installs, upgrades, and applications. Creates and maintains all base mapping layers including, but not limited to: aerial photography, parcels, building outlines, road edges, hydrology, street centerlines, addresses, business locations, city owned property, various boundaries, etc. Coordinates with various City Departments to supply reliable GIS data and specifically, interacts with IT Department to manage data servers and administrates databases on those dedicated servers. Reports to and accepts assignments from Assistant Director of Engineering, which ultimately answers to City Engineer/Director.


  1. Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Surveying, Technology, Computer Science, Planning or equivalent related field including course work in geographic information systems (GIS), and computer aided design (CAD).
  2. ESRI Training required. Proficient with ESRI ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Online, Collector & Explorer App, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Office preferred.
  3. Knowledge in versioned editing, web map services, and feature service editing
  4. Must possess a valid State of Indiana driver’s license.


Resumes/applications may be submitted via email, fax, regular mail, or in person to:


Human Resources
City of Mishawaka
600 East Third Street
Mishawaka, Indiana 46544

Fax: (574) 254-0197



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