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Mishawaka has been issued a permit by IDEM (Indiana Department of Environmental Management) for land application of biosolids in the Indiana counties of St. Joseph, Marshall, LaPorte and Elkhart.

In this permit, specific requirements and limitations are outlined for the proper application, use and management of biosolids. Farmers who participate in the program receive the biosolids free of charge. Contact info is listed below.

Agricultural Land

Approximately 77 percent of the Biosolids applied to land in the United States is applied to agricultural land. This includes land used to grow food-chain crops such as corn and soybeans, land used to grow feed crops for animals, and land used for pasture. Nutrients in these materials help the crops to grow. Each dry ton of Biosolids provides about $30 to $60 worth of nitrogen, phosphorus and trace nutrients.


Biosolids and Industrial Waste Products applied to trees or forest soils improve tree growth. The nutrients in these materials help increase the rate at which trees grow thus shortening wood production cycles.

Reclaimed Land

Biosolids and Industrial Waste Products also are used to help reclaim barren lands such as mines, landfills, quarries, gravel pits, and construction sites. The Biosolids provide nutrients and condition the soil so that vegetation can grow on the reclaimed land. Vegetation reduces soil erosion and helps make the land productive again.

Standards for Land Application of Biosolids
and Industrial Waste Products

Biosolids and Industrial Waste Products that meet these standards, which are designed to protect human health and the environment, can be applied to the land.

Further Information

For more information about land application or biosolids and industrial waste products, feel free to contact the Mishawaka Wastewater Treatment Division using the contact information provided on the right side of this page or any of the following organizations:

Solid Waste Permits Section, Land Application Group
Indiana Department of Environmental Management
100 North Senate Avenue
P.O. Box 6015
Indianapolis, Indiana 46206-6015
Environmental Helpline: 1-800-451-6027

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Office of Science and Technology
401 M Street, S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20460

Indiana Water Pollution Control Assoc.
430 North Park Avenue, Suite 210
Indianapolis, Indiana 46202
Phone: (317)238-0190

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