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In May of 1874, 1500 feet of water main was laid, extending from private water pumps installed by local manufacturing leaders in order to provide fire protection to the business district. Throughout that first year of operation, a number of groups visited Mishawaka to study our new water works operation.

In 1890, the Mishawaka Water Works Company was incorporated by private citizens and rented to the town. Its purpose was to provide running water to Mishawaka's 3000 citizens, all of whom were relying on wells and cisterns for drinking water. The first facility was constructed on the site now occupied by the Mishawaka Police Department.

On April 3, 1903, the Mishawaka Public Utility Company was created by the City, issuing bonds to purchase the Water Works and finance much-needed extensions of water mains.

Today, we serve a population of roughly 47,620, with about 15,700 connections to our system. We pump an average of 10.1 million gallons per day, with a capacity of 35.2 mgd and a peak summer demand of 23 mgd. Our 31 employees are involved in the construction and maintenance of 290 miles of water main, pumping ground water from our 22 wells located in four well fields. Our Division Street Wellfield/Treatment Plant was placed online in the fall of 2002.

Total Hardness for Mishawaka water is 19 grains per gallon. Additionally, our staff tests our city's water quality 18,250 times every year (an average of 52 tests per day). Our most recent test results can be requested at our Business Office, or viewed online.

While owned by the City of Mishawaka, our efforts are not supported by tax dollars. We are a division of Mishawaka Utilities; our operation is totally financed by the customers we serve. Public tours and inspections can be scheduled  to visit our water treatment facility

Our division takes seriously our responsibility to help protect the groundwater in which the communities in this region rely. It is vital that our children and grandchildren continue receiving benefits from the bountiful supply of fresh, clean drinking water we have come to enjoy and appreciate. Learn more about Wellhead Protection.

Finally, we must by law protect our water supply system from contamination, ensuring that we deliver what our customers have grown to expect when they turn a faucet: fresh, clean drinking water. As such, we are responsible for enforcing state and local backflow prevention requlations. Learn more about Backflow Prevention.

We offer our customers-the citizens who own us-a bountiful supply of safe, clean drinking water. Enjoying one of the lowest water rates in Indiana, our customers still today marvel at the economy and efficiency of our system. More than 100 years later, Mishawaka still has the best water works for the money in the country.

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Phone (574) 258-1652



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