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When ordering electric or water service from us, you will need to make a deposit for each service, unless you have another active account in good standing or have a recent good credit history with us.

We will keep your deposit until you establish a satisfactory credit history (no more than two late payment penalties and if service has not been discontinued by the Utility for nonpayment withinin the last twenty-four billing periods). At that time, you may want us to apply your deposit to your account if your payment history has been satisfactory, or continue to leave your deposit on account with us until you move and we can transfer the deposit to your final bill.

Waiving the Deposit

We can waive the deposit requirement if you provide a letter of credit from another utility company. The credit letter must cover the last twenty-four month period and include no more than two late penalties during that period.

If you do not provide a letter of credit at the time you start new service with us, you will need to pay the required deposit(s) and ask your previous utility provider to send you a credit letter. We cannot call for you.

When you receive that letter, just fax, mail, or bring it to our Business Office (see contact information on right side of this page). Provided it meets our credit requirements, we can apply your previously paid deposit to your new account with us, upon request.

Requirement of Deposit Due to Non-Payment

If we waive your deposit and at some future time we must disconnect your service for nonpayment, we will then require the full deposit plus any past due charges and reconnect fees to reactivate your account.

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