Monday, August 01, 2011


Meetings of Standing Committees

Council Conference Room

6:45 P.M.




 7:00 P.M.

1.  Call to Order


2.  Pledge of Allegiance


3.  Roll Call   Marsha McClure, John Roggeman absent


4.  Approval of the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of July 18, 2011  approved  


5.  Petitions, Communications, Remonstrance and Memorials  none


6.   Report of Special Committee 


Historic Preservation will be meeting with Greg Kuharick August 2nd to present him with a plaque for his work on his home on Edgewater Drive.


7.   Ordinances on First Reading  none


8._ _Resolutions


Clerk Block read the resolution by title and opened the public hearing;


R2011-11                     Use Variance to allow residence for

Passed 7 to 0                visiting families, doctors, and guests of the Center for Hospice Care

                             301 N. Cedar Street



9.   Ordinances on Second Reading


Clerk Block read the proposed Ordinance by title and opened the public hearing;

P.O. No. 2011-12             Rezone from R-1, C-1, & R-3 to C-3 City

Passed 7 to 0                Center Com for a Hospice Facility    

Ord NO 5310                  W. of Cedar St. N. of St. Joseph River

                                  (Assigned to Land Use Planning)



10.  Privilege of the Floor – Non-Agenda Items  none




11.  Unfinished Business


R2011-10                     Use Variance to allow more than 2 tenants – 1753 E. 12th Street

                             Continue to August 15th meeting


12.  New Business


13.  Adjournment 8:07pm


At this time I know of no other business to come before the Council.

Deborah S. Block, MMC, City Clerk

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