Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Meetings of Standing Committees

Council Conference Room

6:45 P.M.




 7:00 P.M.


Clerk Block opened the first meeting of the year after a city election


1.  Call to Order


2.  Pledge of Allegiance


3.  Roll Call All present

                             ELECTION OF OFFICERS


Woody Emmons nominated John Roggeman as President for 2012, seconded by Mike Compton. Ron Banicki nominated Mike Compton for Vice President for 2012, seconded by Woody Emmons.


4.  Approval of the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of December 19, 2011     


5.  Petitions, Communications, Remonstrance and Memorials


Clerk Block read the following appeal;


Appeal No. 12-01             Use Variance to allow outside sales of trailers – 365 W University Drive (Menards)


6.   Report of Special Committee none


7.   Ordinances on First Reading none






8._ _Resolutions


Clerk Block read the following resolution by title and opened the public hearing;

     R2012-01                     Fiscal Plan for Annexation North of 914

     Passed 9 to 0                and 916 E. McKinley Ave.


9.   Ordinances on Second Reading


Clerk Block read the proposed ordinance by title, there was no public hearing only vote;

     P.O. NO. 2011-34             Annex and Zone to I-1 Light Industrial

     Passed 9 to 0                and C-4 Auto Oriented – North of 914

     Ord No 5335 As Amended       and 916 E. McKinley Ave.

                                  (Assigned to Land Use Planning Committee)

                                  Amendment Requested

                                  Vote Only


10.  Privilege of the Floor – Non-Agenda Items none



11.  Unfinished Business  none



12.  New Business


Clerk Block read the following committees and boards.


Mike Compton moved to accept the committees, seconded by Ron Banicki so moved.


Ron Banicki moved to accept the Conflict of Interest forms, seconded by Woody Emmons so moved.


                             Appointment of Council Attorney Mike Trippel

Two Appointments to the Redevelopment Commission Wayne Troiola and Kristin E. Ermeti

Plan Commission Woody Emmons

Historic Preservation Committee Marsha McClure

Council Committees

Council Representation on Various Boards

Council Acceptance of Conflict of Interest Forms


Neighborhood Meeting information from 1st District Councilman Woody Emmons

St. Bavo's7:00pm the following speakers will be;

January  Dr. Barker, Februaru Better Business Bureau, March Mayor Wood, April John Broden


Mike Compton, 5th Dostrict commented on the recent homicide in his district.  He is planning on having some neighborhood meetings and watches.


13.  Adjournment 7:18 pm


At this time I know of no other business to come before the Council.

Deborah S. Block, MMC, City Clerk

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