September 10, 2013


The regular meeting of the Board of Public Works and Safety/Utility Board was called to order by President Gary West at 10:00 a.m. All members were present. Mr. Prince moved to dispense with the reading of the minutes of September 3, 2013, and accept them as circulated. Mr. Watson seconded; motion carried.

Bid Openings:
There were no bid openings.

Mayor Wood announced a staff meeting would follow today’s Board meeting.

Department Head Reports:
Building Commissioner Brock Hundt presented the Building Department statistics for the month of August, 2013. He said permits for new homes to date are 21 vs. 20 at this time last year. Also, total permits are 130 more than last year with estimated construction costs of $10.5 million more as well.

City Planner Ken Prince presented a Professional Service Agreement with Arkos Design for Byrkit Street Pedestrian Bridge study for a lump sum of $5,700.00 plus $200.00 reimbursable costs and moved for its approval. Mr. Watson seconded; motion carried.

Street Commissioner Mike Watson requested the Board authorize quotes for the installation of four (4) new thermo-cycler units and the relocation of one (1) thermo-cycler units at 700 S. Union Street to be opened September 17, 2013, and moved for its approval. Mr. Prince seconded; motion carried.

Engineering Director Gary West presented Change Order No. 1 Final from John Boettcher Sewer & Excavating for Douglas Road Medical Park, Phase II, for an addition of 119 work days and an increase of $371,635.31 for a final contract amount of $2,251,010.92, and moved for its approval. Mr. Watson seconded; motion carried.

Approval of Claims:
There were no claims to approve.

Public Hearing:
Mr. West opened the public hearing for a secondhand store license submitted by Rudy Vegh to be located at 1010 S. Merrifield. Mr. Vegh appeared to speak on behalf of the request.

Mr. Vegh said he owns a pawn shop in South Bend and wanted a second location in Mishawaka. He said he wants to take over a section of the old Kroger building and put pressure on the owner to upgrade the parking lot. Mr. Vegh also said the building is up for tax sale.

Mr. West asked Mr. Vegh how he would obtain his merchandise. Mr. Vegh said he will be a pawn shop and takes merchandise as collateral for up to 3 months. If the person doesn’t return to pay off the “loan” then the merchandise becomes his to sell.

Mr. West asked Mr. Vegh what he would be doing for signage. Mr. Vegh said he will follow whatever the guidelines are for signage.

Mr. Hundt told Mr. Vegh he should come to the Building Department to arrange inspections for an occupancy permit and also coordinate with Fire.

Mr. West closed the public hearing.

Mr. Prince moved to approve the second hand store license for Rudy Vegh at 1010 S. Merrifield. Mr. Watson seconded; motion carried.

New Business:
There was no new business.

Old Business:
A request for Notice of Recognition of Encroachment submitted by Bethel College for installation of a directional sign on Lowell Avenue continued under advisement.

Administrative approval of Second Hand Store License Renewal received from Julie’s Used Appliances, 2302 Lincolnway West, continued under advisement due to previous building and zoning deficiencies identified on the property.

A request submitted by ASAP Towing Services for Towing Services Contract continued under advisement.

Unfinished Business:
There being no additional business brought before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at
10:10 a.m.

Gary West – President of the Board of
Public Works and Safety/Utility Board

Kari Myers - Clerk of the Board of
Public Works and Safety/Utility Board


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