March 23, 2015


The regular meeting of the city of Mishawaka Redevelopment Commission was called to order at 6:33p.m. Monday, March 23, 2015, in Room 205, City Hall, 600 E. Third St., Mishawaka, Indiana. Commissioners O'Dell, Ermeti, Eberhart and Deal were present: Also present were Ken Prince, Rebecca Miller, Attorney Beutter, Laura Raygoza, and Kate Voelker.


Commissioner Ermeti moved that the minutes from January 26, 2015, Commission meeting be approved; Commissioner Deal seconded; motion passed.

Commissioner Deal moved that the minutes from February 23, 2015, Commission meeting be approved; Commissioner Ermeti seconded; motion passed.

Mortgage Subordination Agreement, 334 South Wells

Laura Raygoza informed the board that the Mortgage Subordination Agreement for 334 South Wells between American Advisors and the City of Mishawaka is required because the homeowner is refinancing her original mortgage for the property causing the second mortgage that she has with the City to move to first position. The subordination agreement allows the City to move back to second position with the loan on the mortgage. Per conversation with Lawrence Metiever, City Counsel this document secures the loan balance of$19,485.50 that the homeowner has with the City of Mishawaka. Commissioner Eberhart moved that the Mortgage Subordination Agreement for 334 S. Wells be approved; Commissioner Ermeti seconded; motioned passed.

Real Services Weatherization Program

Ken Prince informed the board of CDBG allocations. Submission of Action Plan March 31, 2015. Benefits to Real Services compliance for Block Grant, 10 qualified properties for City of Mishawaka to date possible 4 or 6 already identified and on waiting list. Sidewalk repair program needs to identify areas. Kate Voelker resident of 834 Lincolnway East questioned Summer of Service program and if we work with Code Enforcement to identify properties in need. Commissioner Ermeti moved the Contract with Real Services be approved; Commissioner Deal seconded; motioned passed.


Ken Prince updated the board on the acquisition of 1102 S. Union Street. A new appraisal was


Ken presented the thank you letter from School City for the allocation of funds that were recently awarded, as well as a change in Policy for approval of contracts. Per Lawrence Meteiver City Counsel, all contracts should be approved by both the Redevelopment Commission and Board of Public Works.

Commissioner O'Dell asked for updates on Former Fill Station on Dragoon, Underpass Lots, Capital Connector, Monkey Island and Apartment Coordination. Ken Prince stated that the Former Fill Station has limitation on what the City can do regarding the old tanks located on the property. State cannot act and move in until the owner decides to act on the situation.
The Underpass Property - HPP was awarded the project and should be digging retention inform of Union. The HPP was also awarded the project on Mayfair Park and this has delayed the project but because of Mayors roundtable estimated time of completion is end of June.

Capital Connector should be open sometime next week or two.

Monkey Island Project has not been released. Contact has not been able to be made. Mr. Dunfee is ready to start project weather permitting.

Apartment Coordination issues working with St. Monica Church regarding Parking and House next to it. Parallel parking on street has not been finalized.

A motion was given for adjournment, seconded, and carried. Meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.


Jim Pingel, President

Ken Prince

Marilyn Nelums-Jones

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