September 28, 2015


The regular meeting of the City of Mishawaka Redevelopment commission was called to order at 5:30 P.M., Monday, September 28, 2015 in Room 205, City Hall, 600 Third Street, Mishawaka, Indiana. Commissioners Pingel, O'Dell, Ermeti, Eberhart and Deal were present. Also present were Joe Dits, Ken Prince, Attorney Beutter, Laura Raygoza and Marilyn Nelums-Jones.

Commissioner O'Dell motioned to approve minutes from the August 24, 2015 Redevelopment Commission meeting. Commissioner Ermeti seconded; motion carried.


This was a request for tax abatement. Whenever located within a tax increment financing district it must be signed off. Review is required by the Board. Our recommendation is to forward to Common Council. They are working with a potential tenant. The City of Mishawaka is retaining Bayer as a client adding over 200 jobs. They work directly with local universities and colleges. We are asking for the support of the Redevelopment Commission for the abatement request. Nothing is finalized. This is an important piece of that. Estimated construction cost is 12 Y, million dollars. This international corporation wants to be with the City of Mishawaka for many more years to come.

Commissioner O'Dell asked. if anything was finalized with the State. There is a million dollars committed by the State of Indiana. John Cohoat stated that throughout the process, Mayor Wood and Ken Prince have been good to work with. He offers thanks from Bayer. The City of Mishawaka asked for commitments, even though a verbal commitment is given it still has to go through the process. The ten year abatement is consistent with past practices.

Commissioner Deal asked if the tenant bears direct benefit from the abatement. The benefit is directed to Bayer. A net lease structure is that the tenant pays taxes, not the landlord. If the lease were to be approved do you have protection if Bayer leaves after 5 years? They do have protection.

Kate Volker asked if it was a corporate headquarters location, it is not.

Commissioner O'Dell asked what Seaman's role was. They are just referenced because of Bayer.

Commissioner Eberhart motioned that we accept the ten year tax abatement for Bayer; Commissioner Deal seconded; motion carried.


Ken Prince stated that this is immediately north of Trevino Insurance. We were left with a series of remnants of property in that area. Given the location, we did not receive any bids forth is piece. Trevino purchased a 10 foot strip for his business sign. We were contacted by a local resident who wanted to buy it for the long term care of his Son. We wanted to work with an organization and not an individual.

Clint Bolser wanted to thank the City of Mishawaka, specifically Mayor Wood and Ken Prince for giving them the opportunity. A single family home would be constructed. Logan's mission is to provide supports to individuals with disabilities that want an opportunity to live within the City with a more independent setting. It has generated into 3 families from the original one. They provide residential supports and have been for 30 years. They provide services to individuals that Jive in group homes. The second aspect is to provide support to individuals in their supportive living program. They are not asking to build a group home, but an individual home for four individuals who will pay rent and Logan will provide necessary supports for an independent living and form of life. They actually own 3 single homes, 2 in South Bend and one in Granger with the same concept. They have a wonderful reputation of being good neighbors. Taking pride in making homes beautiful, i.e. landscaping, etc. They are hoping to move the project forward.

Commissioner Deal asked if there were any complaints with the other 3 homes. They built one 2 years ago and owned one in Granger for a year and a half, and one on the west side of town for 10 years. There have been no complaints. They could buy any home in the City for this project. This location is on the bus route. A Habitat home would need subsidy. Logan has the ability to apply for any funds they can obtain. We are merely donating the property. An added benefit is Logan maintaining the property and not a Habitat occupant having the responsibility. All individuals are working within the community and only one has transportation. Commissioner Deal asked about Logan's tax exempt status. They will file for tax exemption as they have on the others. This is a single family home being built that is handicap accessible. This home would be easily sold if ever vacated by Logan. Square footage is right around 2,000 sq. ft. with a finished basement. Commissioner Deal asked if they are actively pursuing these types of ideas with a quota in mind or is this case by case basis. It is case by case. Individuals prefer single family homes. They are not in the landlord business but service provider business. It will be four bedrooms. Kate Volker asked if there would be a caregiver on site. These individuals technically fall into a "mild" category and are very independent. They will only require drop-in services. There will be no overnight staff, but there will be staff ready and accessible in the morning to assist them in getting their day started. All living space is on the first floor. Woody Emmons asked if any of the four individuals are related. They are not related. Woody Emmons also asked what classification would allow occupancy. Under R1 it allows up to five individuals in the home. Commissioner Ermeti motioned to accept the Buy Sell Agreement; Commissioner O'Dell seconded; motion carried.


Ken Prince presented a Release of Mortgage for property located at 208leyte, Mishawaka, Indiana. This Release was previously prepared by Attorney John Gourley and approved by the Redevelopment Commission. This will replace the previous document, release the lien and allow the sale of the property. Commissioner Eberhart motioned to approve the Release of Mortgage; Commissioner O'Dell seconded; motion carried.


Laura Raygoza expressed that 3 of the agencies that submitted application for 2016 funding had changes in their circumstances and that the Community Development staff recommended increases. Recommendations were based on their applications and previous years reporting. Commissioner O'Dell expressed that he was in agreement as long as the staff is being paid sufficiently. Commissioner Pingel asked for clarification that the Boys and Girls Club has other funding. All other organizations do receive other funding. Ken Prince serves on the Board for Mishawaka Food Pantry and his conflict in discussing this was noted and excused by President Jim Pingel. Ken Prince stated in terms of serving children by and through the Mishawaka Food Pantry, there is a desire to provide backpacks in conjunction with the Salvation Army. Commissioner O'Dell asked for the budget that the Boys and Girls Club operates under. He was advised that it is in their reporting documents. Kate Volker asked that it be suggested to them to report their numbers differently by reporting individuals instead of families. Community Development will report back to the Commission any comments received from the CDBG sub-recipients regarding award changes. Commissioner Eberhart motioned to approve the budget; Commissioner Ermeti seconded; motion carried.


The renovation project for BatteII Center was bid and construction will start May of next year.

Ken Prince was in court two weeks ago for the Planet Aid lawsuit; the Judge afforded a continuation.

A motion for adjournment was made, seconded; and carried. Meeting adjourned at 6:43P.M.

Jim Pingel, President

Ken Prince, City Planner

Marilyn Nelums-Jones, Clerk

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