A regular meeting of the Mishawaka Historic Preservation Commission was held Tuesday, July 7 2015 at Old No 4 Firehouse, 2319 Lincolnway East, Mishawaka IN.

Meeting was called to order at 4:00pm.

Commission members in attendance: Mike Bultinck, Terry DeMaegd, Judy Gray, Jennifer Johns, Doug Merritt, Nancy Seidler, Faye Sullivan and Kate Voelker. Advisory members present: Shirley McAlister and Cliff Zenor. Presenter: Adam Skrzeszewski. Staff: Christa Hill, Ken Prince, Mayor Dave Wood, Debby Gregg. Visitors: Dick Barnette, Dave Straughn.


Jennifer Johns recognized her name was misspelled as Jones on page 5 in the Summerfest section.

A motion by Mike Bultinck and seconded by Doug Merritt approved the minutes of the June 2, 2015 meeting minutes with the changes as presented.

Committee Reports:

Historic Districts/Plaques: Christa Hill asked Cliff Zenor where the plaques were. Cliff still has them. Kate Voelker asked if any information was learned about the monument since we were not able to install the Burns plaque at 732 Lincolnway West because we did not have the right tools without damaging the house. Todd Zeiger with Indiana Landmarks prefers to have plaques attached to the house, however, suggested Cliff to talk to Paul Hayden about how to attach the plaque. Doug Merritt suggested a method where you start with a rubbing of the building, find the mortar joints and use standoffs to make the plaque level. Kate suggested looking at Copshaholm or Tippecanoe to see how they are attached, given the similar type of construction.

Public Relations and Community Education: There was no report.

Administration/Incentives: There was no report.

Christa Hill announced we are having our meeting in the newest local landmark. The Firehouse was on the Common Council agenda last night. Cliff Zenor asked if anyone spoke. Christa presented the HPC’s recommendation and Doug Merritt spoke as the owner. Kate Voelker complimented him on his presentation. She felt that after all this time and going through the process, the Council was not going to deny it. However, in the future, on sites the Council may not be familiar with, some members may want to attend to speak in favor. Doug’s neighbor to the west is interesting in becoming a local landmark. It still has clay tile roof and bead board soffit and original downspouts.



Doug Merritt had passed around two logos. He introduced Adam Skrzeszewski, the designer. He and Erin Jones collaborated based on all the feedback. The quatrefoil element is seen around Mishawaka in churches, Mishawaka High School, etc. The first design has a flowery design around the quatrefoil and a complimentary font. Kate Voelker thinks the font looks more Renaissance. The second option is a simple design, similar to Indiana Landmarks. Both designs can be scaled down to use for letterhead and blown up for banners. Another use for this logo could be a vinyl cling to add to already landmarked sites or supportive businesses. Doug could print the stickers in house, so the cost would be low and he would even donate. At the last meeting, we liked the river but it was hard to understand. Mike Bultinck likes the simple logo, but suggested the line separating the quatrefoil from the font be made thicker and changed to blue to still represent the river. Kate likes the fancier logo but not the font. Christa Hill remembered the font used on the last logo presented was supposed to match a WPA poster. Doug asked Adam to print that WPA font. There was discussion about trying to be modern or going for a historic look and feel. Cliff Zenor was concerned the fancy one would not show all the detail when scaled down on a business card. Jennifer Johns asked where they are located in the architecture. They are usually in windows or carved out of stone. Jennifer thinks if you can’t find the fancy element in architecture, we should use the simple version. She also thinks the fancy font is hard to read. Adam suggested, instead of a solid quatrefoil, make it void and put a circle around it. The WPA font is all capitals and Mike likes the version that is justified. Adam prepared a new logo based on this most recent feedback. There was a vote approving the new logo. It passed unanimously.


Story Map

Since Bryan Tanner is not present, discussion on the story map will be moved to next month. Christa Hill updated that we didn’t get an intern like we thought, but there was a file was already in the computer, done by an intern about 10 years ago, classifying everything in the 1995 Survey as Outstanding, Notable or Contributing. Cliff Zenor sent pictures of all the sites to both Christa and Bryan.

Summerfest 2016

Terry DeMaegd thinks now that we have a logo, we should have plenty of time to print a pamphlet and we should have the Story Map up by next June. It would be nice to have a computer out there to look at the Story Map. Kate Voelker asked if the app would be ready by then. Christa Hill responded that is a better question for Bryan Tanner. We would need electric and a wi-fi hot spot. Doug Merritt could print some mock ups of prominent buildings. Terry asked if Doug could also print a banner.

Not on the agenda, but a similar event, Christa mentioned the Mishawaka Heritage Festival. She heard about it from Lexie Schroder Kobb at the Children’s Museum. Mike Bultinck also heard about this. This is their first year. The date is September 7 at Central Park. They have a website: There is not much information. We don’t know who is in charge. According Jennifer Johns, the Facebook page says cultural, music, dance, food, history. Debby Gregg with the Mayor’s office says the Mayor went to a meeting and came back with flyers, but they don’t have any more information that what we’ve already. Jennifer agrees to wait and see what happens since we only have one meeting before the event.

Faye Sullivan arrived at this time.

Update on Eagle Scouts gym floor project

Cliff Zenor reported the final details have been ironed out. It was a lot longer process than he realized and he learned a lot about the Boy Scouts. He has delivered all the materials to a work area. He met with the scouts, their parents, and the scout leader and walked through the step by step procedure. Cliff will come back when they have the first work day to observe and be help if needed. We are down to one scout to do all 30 floor pieces. It is not supposed to be a fundraising event. Initially the intent was to preserve the floor. The scouts will assemble the whole project. Cliff will inspect them before they are ready for sale and maybe a couple of us could get together to affix the Certificate of Authenticity. Should we contact the media? The scouts don’t want any credit. Kate Voelker suggests publicizing the work day. Mike Bultinck asked how much we sell them for? Cliff says we have $18 invested in the materials, but the sale price can be determined. Doug suggested donating one to LaSalle Council. It was also part of the proposal to the scouts that they would be able to present finished copies to the Mayor, City Planner Ken Prince, and architect Greg Kil. We may want to add Zilkowski, the contractor. Kate suggested donating one to the Housing Authority who runs the apartments now. Cliff still has the center floor circle piece and Dave Straughn has a men’s group who might take on the project of getting it put together in presentation quality to donate back to the building. Other places to consider donating Heritage Center at the library and Hannah Lindahl Children’s Musuem.

Update on new downspouts for Webster-Gering House

At last month’s meeting we approved a COA for Lucille Gering to replace her stolen copper downspouts with aluminum. There was a question of how those two metals reacted with each other. Cliff Zenor visited the Gering home to see how they were attached. For example if it was attached with a screw, that is another item that could deteriorate. Cliff talked with Slaite Tile, the installer to come up with a “boot” so the metals aren’t touching.

Hannah Lindahl Tour

At the last meeting Mike Bultinck and Terry DeMaegd had mentioned that their daughter and granddaughter, respectively, had gone on a third grade field trip of historic Mishawaka. Christa Hill was able to confirm they are run through the Hannah Lindahl Children’s Museum, one for third grade, one for fifth grade and the curriculum is meant to match what they are learning in the classroom. There is an adult tour, usually given at Summerfest, but not this year. It is approximately the same tour, but with more details. If we as a private group would want to take the tour, we would need to provide the bus and the driver. Cliff Zenor went on the tour last year. They got off at Shinori Garden and Battell Park. It was given by Pete DeKever and Lexie Schroder Kobb of the Children’s Musuem. The tour cost $10. If we don’t do it as a group, Cliff recommends everyone take it individually when offered. Christa asked Mike why he brought it up. He said he wanted to know if HPC could be involved as a resource to provide information. He thought the teachers were giving the speech. Faye Sullivan took the tour as part of her Tri Kappa group and Lexie gave them the tour and there was so much information. Cliff agrees the adult version is very thorough. When Mike asked his daughter what she learned, she didn’t have anything to share. Jennifer Johns gives tours to school children. Each kid picks up on different things. She does think we can tack onto the adult tour, once we have our new letter head. When Christa spoke with Lexie, she was willing to put a link to the Story Map on their website, so we are sharing information. Terry asked where which sites they go to. In the past, Cliff asked if Lexie and Pete to do a private fundraising tour for HPC. Each would charge $300, plus we still have to get a bus. That would take up all of our budget. Even if we charged, Cliff says only 20 people took the Summerfest tour, so would we make our money back? Mike thinks we should invite Lexie to a meeting. We are still going in two different directions; we should give them information and our own tour. Kate Voelker thinks a tour would be appropriate during Preservation Month.


Beiger Mansion, Local Landmark or Plaque

Faye Sullivan called and asked Christa Hill why the Beiger Mansion didn’t have a plaque. Christa said it wasn’t a local landmark. Which posed the question “do they want to become a local landmark?” Faye spoke with Dennis when she gave them a “National Historic Preservation Month” sign. He said it was the first year they got a sign. Christa pointed out they are on the National Register. When that happened in 1973, the HPC did not exist. Ken Prince thinks there was some bad feelings between the owners and Beiger Heritage, the precursor to HPC. Kate Voelker reminded us Ron is the owner. They are trying to get the roof fixed, maybe with a grant. Cliff Zenor said they would have to come before us every time they want to change something. Ken clarified that only if it was changing, not maintenance. If Kate or Faye talk to Ron or Dennis again, have them call Christa and she can explain the process.

Request from Don Crawford to add "Crawford" to "Eller-Hosford House"

Cliff Zenor was approached by Don Crawford. He owned the house for 40 years. He would like to add the name "Crawford" to "Eller-Hosford House". He would like to do it in secret from his son Matt, who is the current owner of the home. Nancy Seidler said she already spoiled the surprise. Christa Hill says we were going to have to notify him during the process. Since the original ordinance was signed by the Council, an ordinance to change it will also have to go through the Council. Kate Voelker asked how you can change the name. Cliff says the house can be named for the first family, builder/architect, or second family who did substantial work, or hyphenated for any of those. HPC has local designation jurisdiction. The National and State recognition has to be changed through someone at Indiana Landmarks.


The Story of the Sister City Relationship

Due to the time, this was tabled to the next meeting.

Letter from Don Heirman

Due to time, this was tabled to the next meeting.

CLG Annual Report

Continuing Education: Todd Zeiger from Indiana Landmarks gave a similar presentation. Cliff Zenor will go through his calendar for a comprehensive list.

General Education, for example the library: Cliff Zenor will go through his calendar for a comprehensive list.

Is anyone a National Alliance Preservation Commission member? Cliff Zenor.


Upon a motion by Kate Voelker and seconded by Mike Bultinck, the meeting was ADJOURNED at 5:30pm.

Doug Merritt gave the Commission and guests a TOUR of Old No. 4 Firehouse.



Terry DeMaegd, Chairman

Christa Hill, Associate Planner

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