A regular meeting of the Mishawaka Historic Preservation Commission was held Tuesday, September 1, 2015 in Room 205, City Hall, 600 E. Third, Mishawaka , IN.

Meeting was called to order at 4:03 pm.

Commission members in attendance: Mike Bultinck, Terry DeMaegd, Dave Eisen, Jennifer Johns , Nancy Siedler, Faye Sullivan, and Kate Voekler. Advisory members present: Shirley McAlister, and Cliff Zenor. Staff: Christa Hill. Visitors: Dick Barnette and Mary Watt.


A motion by Dave Eisen and seconded by Mike Bultinck approved the minutes of the August 4, 2015 meeting minutes as presented.

Order of Business:

Due to the timeliness of the Mishawaka Heritage Festival, Old Business was moved before Committee Reports.


Mishawaka Heritage Festival

After the discussion at last month’s meeting Terry DeMaegd sent an email to the voting members regarding the new award. It is the Mishawaka Heritage Festival Award, recognizes an historic building that is an outstanding example of the City’s commercial heritage. The nominee is the Mishawaka Farmers Dairy. He now asked for a roll call vote. It came back with seven “yes” votes. This is a one time award. The Mayor will present at the opening ceremony. Terry prepared an award certificate which needs the Mayor’s signature and City’s seal. Cliff Zenor added pictures to the brochure. Kate Voekler pointed out that the Story Map link was missing. We will try to get the link from Bryan Tanner, but if we don’t get a link, we’ll change the wording to say, “coming soon” or “check the website”. Printing will be done in house on the Planning Department copier. Previously Ken Prince has allowed 500 color copies. Make as many copies as possible. There may be . Set up starts at 8am. We will be in the Dodge Pavilion and we will have access to electricity. Mike Bultinck will be there early to help set up. Terry will have to coordinate directly with Doug Merrit regarding the banner, since Doug is not at the meeting. Bryan Tanner made a brief appearance to let us know the Story Map would be ready for the Heritage Festival and he would provide the wi-fi hot spot to connect the computer to the internet. Cliff will have an example of the gym floor. Christa offered to make City Hall the drop-off/pick-up point for items. Christa provided three copies of the 1995 Survey. The maps are a little hard to navigate, so larger copies will be made. Cliff previewed his PowerPoint slideshow for the Heritage Festival. It is continuous on a loop.

Dave Eisen reminded us that the American Heritage Roundtable starts up again this month, and September’s speaker is our own Terry DeMaegd. On September 10 he will be speaking on “Two Years in India: Refugees, Rouges, and the Raj” at 6:30 in the Spencer Gallery. Christa Hill will get that posted to the website, and maybe the Facebook page. Dave will provide a list of dates and topics for the rest of the academic year. Mike Bultinck thinks we should have that list for the Heritage Festival.

Jennifer Johns left at 4:30.

Committee Reports:

Historic Districts/Plaques: Cliff would like someone to go with him when he applies the plaque at the Dodge Old People’s Home. He won’t be around forever and someone else should learn the process. The owner has given Faye Sullivan verbal approval and would like the existing holes used or covered up. Depending on where the holes are, we’ll do the best we can. Kate Voelker asked if Central Services could install them. Faye asked how long it takes. Cliff says 40-45 minutes, with conversation with the owner, closer to an hour. Kate will contact Central Service. Faye suggested a member of the HPC should still accompany them. Christa suggested we test it out at the Dodge Old People’s Home since we don’t need to coordinate with the owner to be there. Kate asked what we decided about the Eberhart-Major House on Lincolnway. Cliff says we need a mason. He will contact one he knows and see if the services can be donated.

Faye asked who pays for the plaques. Christa was under the impression the HPC funds paid for them. Mary Watt indicated was asked by Peg Strantz for $100 to help pay for her plaque. In order to track down this payment, Christa asked if Mrs. Watt paid the company or the City. She said it was to the City around 2008.

Dave Eisen left at 4:35.

Public Relations and Community Education: There was no report.

Administration/Incentives: There was no report.

Faye Sullivan left at 4:45.


The Story of the Sister City Relationship

Christa Hill had been given a story written by Don Crawford titled “The Story of the Sister City Relationship” but when you read it, it focuses more on how the Shiojiri Garden was created. Christa has already talked with Lexie at the Hannah Lindahl Children’s Museum about getting some facts to make the story more well rounded. Ken Prince wanted these to be put on HPC’s website while we can still get facts from Mr. Crawford or those who worked for Ball Band, etc. Kate Voelker offered there were pictures and gifts in the conference room if we wanted to add pictures to the story. Terry DeMaegd wasn’t sure this fell under HPC purview. Cliff Zenor professed we are not a historical society. Christa said the project was specifically given to her, but it was also when we were expecting an intern, so it may have been work intended for the intern to do. Since we did not get an intern, we will move this to the back burner.

Letter from Don Heirman/Editorial in Mishawaka Enterprise

Mr. Heirman sent a letter to the HPC then had an editorial in the Mishawaka Enterprise about a Mishawaka museum. There is nothing for us to do at this point. Its just an idea now. Christa is willing to send people pictures and information, but we don’t have much else to offer. Christa directed Mr. Heirman to the Children’s Museum and Pete DeKever.


Tivioli Theater Historic Pieces

After the Tivoli was demolished, some of the pieces were stored at the Battell Center. The intention was to use them in the auditorium. Now that the Battell Center is close to starting their remodeling, they have determined they are no longer needed and asked the HPC if they would like the pieces/know of someplace that could use them. Christa Hill took pictures of the chandelier, sconces, plaster molding and other pieces housed at the Battell Center. Mike Bultinck thinks they should be used. Kate Voelker is going to as Terry Zeller (Parks Superintendent) why they aren’t being used. Cliff Zenor would like to set up a time when they Commissioners could take a look at the items.

After the meeting, Roger Shields with Redevelopment, offered to house them at the water department. Arrangements were made to have the items moved before the Battell Center construction begins.

Indiana Bicentennial

Terry DeMaegd went to a meeting about the Indiana Bicentennial. There will be a Torch Relay Saturday October 8, 2016. The torch will pass through Mishawaka for 15 minutes, along Lincolnway from Capital to either Logan or Ironwood. Right now they are looking for nominees for torch bearers. But there is a committee that will assign the torch bearers in the end. Terry asked if we should have a presence at the Torch Relay. Kate Voelker thinks we should focus on doing something in the City. There will be a party at the end at Bendix Woods. There is another event at St. Pat’s park. The Torch Relay is the only event in Mishawaka. Talked about getting signage along the route, but Kate says light pole signs are too expensive. Especially for something so specific. Kate suggested “Mishawaka Celebrates the Indiana Bicentennial”, but the City would have to pay for that. Terry will check with the Mayor’s office to see if the City is doing anything for the bicentennial celebration. Is there anything in Mishawaka celebrating 200 years next year that could coincide with the Indiana 200?

Website Updates/Facebook Page

At the last meeting, it was mentioned to update the new logo on the website. In addition to that, IT also updated the logo on the Landmark Application Form. That was the only other place the logo was on the website.

The City has an official Facebook page that IT controls, but HPC can post things to through IT. Christa Hill has put things up on the News and Events page of the HPC website about plaques and American Heritage Roundtable events, but Facebook will give us some added exposure. When they were moving the Ward House, that was a good opportunity for some press. Cliff Zenor was able to get us a PDF version of the South Bend Tribune article.


Mary Watt, of 1213 Prospect had previously called the office and spoken with Christa Hill regarding the damaged garage door next door. Her family has owned property since 1929. She would like to see some kind of protection for the house at 1207 Prospect. It was built in 1949 by her grandfather and she has blueprints, pictures, even the building permit. It has always been family owned. She is the last of her family and is concerned about what will happen after she’s not living there anymore. It is on a double lot that could be attractive. A couple of other houses in the neighborhood have been torn down, one rebuilt out of character with the neighborhood. Kate Voelker acknowledged that the City has been buying up properties for the Riverwalk, but it has not affected the south side of the street. Cliff Zenor pointed out that the HPC’s landmark is not permanent, as mentioned earlier during the Tivoli discussion. However, Indiana Landmarks can help with wording or paperwork that puts a covenant into the deed, which is a more permanent solution. Cliff forwarded Mrs. Watt to Todd Zeiger with Indiana Landmarks. Christa pointed out that when the 1995 Survey was done, the house at 1207 wasn’t 50 years old yet, so if the Survey was done again, it might qualify in some way. Kate asked if there was any interest of a District in that area. Mrs. Watt doesn’t think many of her neighbors would be open to the idea. Kate told Mrs. Watt she could apply for a landmark at 1207 Prospect if there was anything significant about the architecture, the family, etc.

Christa Hill pointed out the CAMP seminar being held next weekend near Fort Wayne. A description and application were attached to the agenda. Cliff has gone in the past and it is specifically for Commissioners.

Also, the St. Joseph County/South Bend Historic Preservation Commission is giving a bus tour next Sunday. Tickets are available through their website.

Doug Merritt informed us he is applying for National Landmark status. As part of this HPC has to review and forward to state, so a public hearing maybe set for next month.

Cliff Zenor wanted to say it is poor practice to send an email to only the voting members. Shirley McAlister confirmed she also did not get the email. Terry DeMaegd said there was enough discussion at the meeting. Cliff pointed out that not everyone who voted was at the meeting to hear the discussion. That’s why Terry had them vote at the meeting. Terry made a motion to adjorn.

Terry DeMaegd left at 5:45.

The meeting was ADJOURNED at 5:45 pm.


Terry DeMaegd, Chairman

Christa Hill, Associate Planner

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