June 21, 2016


The regular meeting of the Board of Public Works and Safety/Utility Board was called to order by President Gary West at 10:02 a.m. All members were present. Secretary Kari Myers was absent. Mr. Prince moved to dispense with the reading of the minutes of June 14, 2016, and accept them as circulated. Mr. Watson seconded; motion carried.

Bid Openings:
Bids were taken on the following projects:

Oakland Avenue Lift Station Improvements, Project MWW-16-004:
Contractor Base Bid  
HRP Construction $324,200.00  
Fourth Street LTCP Improvements, Project ENT-16-017
Contractor Base Bid Alt #1 Alt #2 Base+Alt 1 & 2
HRP Construction $1,462,607.20 $88,386.00 $150,445.00 $1,701,438.20
Niblock Excavating $1,497,243.48 $146,710.00 $97,810.00 $1,741,763.48
Selge Construction $1,552,199.86 $95,098.00 $201,821.85 $1,849,119.71
CIPP Sewer Rehabilitation Various Locations, Project MUS 16-002
Contractor Base Bid Base Bid+Alt #1-9
Inland Waters Pollution Control $311,906.50 $587,119.50
Insituform Technologies $302,158.20 $571,217.70
Layne Inliner LLC $333,333.00 $648,060.00

Mr. West referred the bids to the City’s consultants for a review and recommendation.

Mayor’s Comments:
Mayor Wood was not present. President West indicated that there would be a brief staff meeting to follow the meeting. Mr. West reminded everyone of the Summerfest activities scheduled to begin on Friday evening and indicated that part of the staff meeting will be dedicated to last minute coordination if necessary.

Department Head Reports:
City Attorney, John Roggeman presented an amendment to the Sole Source Special Purchase that was presented and approved by the Board on June 14, 2016. At that time the Board approved a special purchase of SQL Licensing and yearly True-Up with VAR Software-One. Indiana Code 5-22-10-8 provides that a Purchasing Agent may make a special purchase when only one (1) source meets the using agency’s reasonable requirements. The SQL Instances ($88,695.36) and Yearly True-Up with VAR ($86,711.67) will be split 50/50 with IT and Utilities. Mr. Roggeman indicated that the previously approved agreement failed to include the server and cloud enrollment. Adding those services, the yearly true up was increased from $86,711.67 to $116,458.55, for a new contract amount of $205,150.87 Mr. Prince moved to approve as presented. Mr. Watson seconded; motion carried.

Fire Chief Bryon Woodward requested that Captain David J. Pierce be promoted to the rank of Battalion Chief to be effective on June 21, 2016. Mr. Watson moved to approve. Mr. Prince seconded; motion carried.

Jake Crawford, Landscape Manager & Urban Forester, presented three tree permits. 514 Webster Street desired to transplant a small red maple tree from their yard to the tree lawn. 1020 Hendricks Street requested the removal of 3 red maple trees. 711 North Mason Street, requested the removal of a sick/dying tree from the tree lawn. Mr. Watson moved to approve all three requests as presented and recommended by Mr. Crawford. Mr. Prince seconded; motion carried.

Carmen Carpenter, Recreation Director, presented a street closure list for the 2016 Summerfest Activities. The closures would begin at 11am on Friday June 24, 2016 and are anticipated to end by 1am on Sunday June 26, 2016. Mr. Prince moved to approve. Mr. Watson seconded; motion carried.

City Planner Ken Prince presented Change Order #4 to Ziolkowski Construction Inc for the Battell Center Renovation Project, increasing the contract by $79,191.00 for a new contract amount of $3,040,646.00, and moved for its approval. Mr. Watson seconded; motion carried.

Mr. West, on behalf of Mr. Majewski, presented a professional services agreement for Mishawaka Utilities Water Division with DLZ of Indiana for right of way engineering, staking, and acquisition services on the proposed Thrush Street water main easement. The agreement is a not to exceed amount of $7,625.00, and Mr. West moved for its approval. Mr. Watson seconded; motion carried.

Approval of Claims:
City Controller, Rebecca Miller presented 18 claim dockets in the amount of $3,507,474.13 for approval. Mr. Watson moved to approve as presented. Mr. Prince seconded; motion carried.

Public Hearing:
There were no public hearings.

New Business:
Following discussion, Mr. West moved to approve a requested waiver of the noise ordinance requested by Villa Macri located at 225 Toscana Boulevard for the proposed Italian Fest, which will include food, alcohol, and live music on Friday July 22nd and Saturday July 23rd. The hours of live music requested were from 4pm to 12 midnight on both days. Mr. West’s motion modified the request on the recommendation of Chief Witkowski to limit the hours of live music to 11:00pm subject to the Board’s normal conditions of approval which includes that the volume be turned down at any time as may be directed by the Mishawaka Police Department. It was noted that complaints from adjacent neighborhoods have occurred in the past and that operations will be monitored. Mr. Watson seconded; motion carried.

Unfinished Business:
There being no additional business brought before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 10:31 a.m.

Gary West – President of the Board of
Public Works and Safety/Utility Board

Ken Prince – Member, acting Clerk of the Board of
Public Works and Safety/Utility Board

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