May 10, 2010
5:01 p.m.
Battell Community Center, Community Room
Reg Wagle, Carolyn Teeter, Bob Shriner, Mike Bergin, and Ellen West

Michael Faulkner, Carmen Maes, George Fowler, Richard Frye, Michelle Werntz, and Robert C. Beutter
* * * * *
Board President, Mr. Wagle, called the regularly scheduled meeting to order at 5:01 p.m. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited followed by Mr. Wagle calling for a motion to approve the minutes of the April 12, and April 26, 2010, regularly scheduled Park Board meetings. Mrs. Teeter moved to approve the minutes as submitted and Mrs. West seconded it. The motion carried unanimously.
* * * * *
None at this time.
* * * * *
Resolution 2010-001, Resolution of the Mishawaka Parks and Recreation Board Endorsing the Indiana-Michigan River Valley Trail Plan was submitted for Board approval. The Resolution calls for a 34-mile non-motorized trail system connecting Niles, MI to Mishawaka, IN. Mrs. Teeter moved to approve the concept for a non-motorized trail through Mishawaka as it may pertain to the Parks system and Mr. Bergin seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

The Mishawaka Football Touchdown Club Request was tabled for further review.

Mr. Faulkner requested permission to host 2 fireworks displays, one May 15th at Merrifield and one June 3rd at Beutter Park. Mrs. Teeter moved to approve the request and Mr. Bergin seconded it. The motion carried unanimously.

Michelle Werntz, Office Manager for the Department requested payment approval of claims for the Parks & Recreation Department as listed below:

Docket Number Amount
1000166 $3,150.00
1000174 $595.80
1000177 $403.00
1000176 $22,311.50

Mr. Shringer moved to approve the claims as presented on the above docket. Mrs. Teeter seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

Battell Center donations for the month of April totaled $1,160.29. Mrs. Teeter moved to approve the donations as presented and Mrs. West seconded it. The motion carried unanimously.
* * * * *
Monthly Departmental Reports

Mr. Faulkner advised the Board that 145 volunteers were recognized at the Annual Volunteer Breakfast. Over 5,000 hours were donated. Other activities provided to the Board by Mr. Faulkner included a new roof for Henry Frank pavilion courtesy of the Sunshine Rotary Club, the Master Gardeners doing a great job at improving Kate’s Garden, the concrete poured at the new Merrifield Pavilion thanks to the Lions Club, Eberhart Drainage project bids being due May 11, the Central Park sewer project winding down, and May 7 having kicked of tourism week and a regional campaign with South Bend to promote local events.

Mr. Faulkner provided the monthly figures for Battell Center. Revenue was $10,144.09 and building attendance was 3,746. In addition Mr. Faulkner indicated that the auditorium saw 2 activities including a performance by the Main Stage of Geppetto.

Mrs. Maes spoke to the Board about the April recreational activities including opening of disc golf and March tubing revenue of $360. She also discussed attending meetings with Dick Wilson of Night Magic concerning Summerfest fireworks, Joe Swilo for Beutter concert fireworks, the PCSC for employee morale projects, Seasonal Employees for pool orientation and with the MBA Business in Action group.

Mr. Frye advised the Board how good the play conditions were on the course. He indicated that 210 and 230 players were on the course the prior Tuesday and Thursday, respectively. Mr. Frye stated that 12 leagues were playing at Eberhart, as well as both Marion and MHS boys leagues. Cart and greens fees were at approximately $60,000 where last year it was at $21,000.

Mr. Fowler indicated the good playing weather and that less irrigation was needed because of rain. Seasonals were hired for the season and the drainage project previously discussed has been scheduled for sometime in August, pending permits.

Mr. VanNevel provided the Board with the Merrifield Complex April activities, including performing items on the ice rink shut down list, ordering pool supplies for the upcoming season, meeting with Starz Diving group, cleaning of the pools, and installation of new lighting in the concession area.

* * * * *
Mr. Wagle then called for additional questions and/or comments from any others present at the Board meeting. As there were no further questions or comments to be made, Mrs. Teeter moved to adjourn the meeting and Mrs. West seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

Meeting was adjourned at 5:58 p.m.

Submitted for Approval to the Board
Michelle L. Werntz,
Office Manager, Parks & Recreation

Carolyn Teeter, Board Secretary

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