Public Safety

There is no service provided by local government more vital than public safety!

Mishawaka’s proactive approach to police work continues to keep the City of Mishawaka a safe place to live. The constant patrols, painstaking detective work, active community involvement, and focused training are all fundamental strengths of the department. The reason we have consistently low and stable crime rates is that our police department has always had a plain, old-fashioned hard work ethic. Mishawaka is strong because the men and women of the Mishawaka Police Department keep her safe.

Our Fire Department lives by the mantra “You can never know enough for a job that can kill you”. The wide variety of services we provide makes our continuing education paramount to firefighter safety. The City's calls for service have been on an upward trend for the past several years. While the greatest number of calls for service are EMS in nature, the department also responds to commercial, residential, and apartment fires as well as any requests by the public involving investigations, fire alarms, gas leaks, citizen assists, and a variety of other types of responses.