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Alley Paving Program

The Alley Paving Program provides for a 50/50 split of costs with residents for placement of 2" of bituminous pavement 10' in width. Upon request, a field inspection of each alley is conducted to determine the feasibility of paving the alley.

Curb & Sidewalk Replacement Program 

Instituted in 1986, this program encourages single-family homeowners to repair or replace deteriorated public curbs and sidewalks adjacent to their property by providing a 50/50 split between the homeowner and the City of the repair cost of curbs, sidewalks and drive approaches. (more)

Disabled Parking Space Requests

Citizens with disabilities that require special parking at their residence can contact the traffic manager at the Engineering Department or the Police Department to request a disabled parking designation on the street outside of their homes.

Sewer Insurance Program

The Engineering Department maintains all sanitary and storm sewer records for sewer maintenance and provides technical and administrative assistance to the Sewer Lateral Insurance Program.

Trash Pickup & Recycling

Mishawaka provides our residents with a high-value, low-cost service for the weekly curbside collection of recyclables, trash and garbage, large furniture and appliances, and yard waste. Families receive all these weekly services for about $125 per year.

Seasonal Services

In addition to the many year-round services the City provides, Mishawaka also performs services that are season appropriate.