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The Mishawaka sewer collection system has a service area which includes the City of Mishawaka and portions of Clay, Penn, and Harris Townships. The service area for the collection system covers approximately 16.92 square miles. It is estimated that the collection system is comprised of storm sewer, sanitary sewer and combined sewer totaling over 200 miles of sewer in the service area. The Mishawaka sewer collection system is a combination of pipe sizes ranging from 8 inches in diameter, the standard sanitary sewer pipe diameter, to 120 inches in diameter, our largest storm sewer pipe.

The Sewer Maintenance Department has a continual preventive maintenance program, which consists of the routine inspection of the collection system. The maintenance program is assisted by a vactor truck for sewer cleaning and sewer video inspection equipment, truck, and technical crew for structural inspections of pipe and associated structures. Our preventative maintenance program has helped to eliminate expensive emergency operations, reduce or eliminate basement flooding, prolong the life of the community's collection system and minimize damaging surface structures such as streets and sidewalks.



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