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Instituted in 1986, this program encourages single-family homeowners to repair or replace deteriorated public curbs and sidewalks adjacent to their property by providing a 50/50 split between the homeowner and the City of the repair cost of curbs, sidewalks and drive approaches.

All residential property owners in the City of Mishawaka are eligible for this progam. The program includes the sidewalk in front of the residence, the drive approach (driveway in the right-of-way or tree lawn area), the curb and any sidewalk constructed in the right-of-way. After the work is completed, the contractor will seed the affected areas for an additional cost or sod can be installed.

An estimate will be provided by the Engineering Department prior to any commitment for work to be completed. The city is divided into four sections; the contractor moves from street to street within each section. Your schedule will be according to the section where you reside. No work will be scheduled until payment has been received by the Engineering Department.

Residents interested in the program or seeking additional information should fill out the contact form below:


Please be as specific as possible when describing the area in order to provide a more accurate analysis of the work that needs to be completed. For example, are you requesting the entire sidewalk be replaced, entire curb, a portion of the curb, or a portion of the sidewalk. Also, is there a tree lawn or is this a corner lot (if so indicate which side you would like done or if you would like both sides done)?

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