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Although source protection is mandated by federal and state statutes, protecting ground water depends on the actions of those who live, work, and recreate in and around an aquifer recharge area. Source protection requires a cooperative effort among the public water supply system, local governments, the private sector, and the public at large.

The Indiana Wellhead Protection Rule clearly places the legal responsibility for Wellhead Protection on public water supply systems. However, successfully protecting ground water requires the participation of all those potentially affected by the program-the residents. Thus, it is necessary for public water supply systems to involve residents in the development of their Wellhead Protection Programs.

Local governments or their agents have the authority to create rules and regulations that protect ground water. In Mishawaka this authority is supplemented with technical expertise to properly address the technical issues associated with source protection and to achieve compliance. Local governments must rely on the public water supply system and other experts outside its organization to assist in addressing these technical issues. It is the responsibility of local government to understand ground water protection issues and exercise their authority to protect public health, safety and general welfare.

Pollution prevention has become part of the cost doing business for many companies. Those that have been slow to understand the need to protect our ground water resource often do not realize the connection between the fate of their enterprise and the availability of safe, reliable and affordable drinking water. When the private sector understands this link, they often become the most ardent supporters of ground water protection programs.

The public relies on the public water supply system and local government to protect their health, safety and general welfare. Most people act responsibly once they understand how their actions affect the quality of water they and their children depend on. The involvement of community leaders can influence large portions of the public at-large. 

So who is responsible for Water Source Protection? WE ALL ARE.


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