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Do Business in Mishawaka

Starting, Growing and Expanding Business in Our City

We welcome business adventurers and entrepreneurs of all stripes! Just like you, the City of Mishawaka wants to see our city continue to grow. Our community is eager to support local businesses throughout the area.

Recently, Mishawaka redeveloped many of our parks and downtown spaces to create vibrant spaces where members of our community want to gather. This presents an immense opportunity for entrepreneurs, innovators and developers to call Mishawaka home. 

Permits and Licenses

Ready to get started? We’d love to help you get moving. Mishawaka provides developers and business owners with all the necessary tools to take the next steps in our city. Permits, licensing, inspection information and other resources are the best places to start.

Start a New Business in Mishawaka

It seems congratulations are in order! Starting a new business can be exciting, but also intimidating. The City of Mishawaka is here to help. Let us put you on the right path with these steps:

  1. Register your business with the State of Indiana.
  2. Contact the City of Mishawaka to make sure you have the right permits and licenses to get your business started. We will make sure you have everything you need!
  3. Fill out the proper applications and send them our way.
  4. Start your business in Mishawaka. Small businesses keep our community thriving. We are excited to grow with you.

Relocate a Business to Mishawaka

Thinking about moving your business to Mishawaka? You are making an excellent choice! Growing fast, Mishawaka is a city that was built on the success of hard-working entrepreneurs like yourself. Our city is centrally located to some of the largest Midwest cities, including Chicago and Indianapolis, and we are one of the busiest towns in Northern Indiana.

We’d love to discuss your business and how we can help make Mishawaka feel like home to you.