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Rate C - Commercial Service

To Whom Available

Available to non-residential and commercial customers.

Character of Service

Alternating current, sixty-cycle, single phase service supplied through a single set of service wires to a single meter location at a standard service voltage.


Customer Charge:

$ 5.50 per month for each service location.

Energy Charge:

$0.1131 per  kWh

Minimum Payment

The minimum monthly payment for service shall be the Customer Charge plus the Energy Charge plus the Demand Charge, if applicable.

Non-Recurring Charges


Contracts under this rate schedule shall be made for no less than one year and shall be self-renewing for successive periods of one year each until either party shall give at least 48 hours’ notice to the other of their intention to discontinue service at the end of any earlier period. The Utility reserves the right to require contracts for periods in excess of one year.

Special Terms and Conditions

This rate is available for single phase only. Where three-phase service is required and/or where motors or heating equipment are used for commercial or industrial purposes, the applicable power rate will apply to such service.

(Effective September 1, 2022)