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Rate OL - Outdoor Electric Lighting Service

To Whom Available

Available for outdoor lighting customers within the service area of the Utility.

The utility has begun the process of converting the HPS bulbs to light emitting diode (LED) fixtures. The utility will continue this process replacing the HPS bulbs to make all lighting in the city LED. All existing 100, 250, and 400 watt high pressure sodium and 175 watt mercury lighting will be replaced at the end of life or at the request of the customer at no additional charge.

Rates per Month

a) Where the lighting can be installed on an existing distribution-type wood pole or other supporting device and served from existing secondary facilities, with no more than one span of secondary, the rates shall be:

  • $ 6.32 per light for single 48 watt LED fixture.
  • $ 8.56 per light for single 110 watt LED fixture. 

b) Where additional poles and spans of overhead secondary are required to provide outdoor lighting, the following additional monthly charges shall apply:

  • $ 0.73¢ for each additional pole
  • $ 0.48 for each additional span of wire

(c) Where a customer requests outdoor lighting requiring special poles or fixtures, or the use of an underground distribution system instead of an overhead distribution system, the customer’s rates will be increased according to the Company’s cost to install, operate, amd maintain such special facilities, or the customer may be required to make a payment to cover the investment made as a result of these special installations.

  • $8.56 per light for a single 80 watt LED Decorative Light fixture or a single D4A LED decorative retrofit


Contracts under this tariff will be for not less than one year for residential customers and three years for commercial customers.

Hours of Lighting

All rates assume that lamps will burn approximately 4,000 hours per year.