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Schools in Mishawaka, IN

Education Opportunities
in Our Community

Our residents value education. Almost everyone in our community has a connection to our schools. Many have been students, and some are now teachers or staff at schools throughout Mishawaka. The City of Mishawaka understands its duty to provide outstanding educational resources for our community. Education is a pathway for our students’ futures and Mishawaka’s success as a community.

Mishawaka encompasses two school districts – the School City of Mishawaka and the Penn-Harris-Madison School District. We are home to 19 preschool/middle schools, four middle schools, two public high schools, one Catholic high school and a nationally recognized university.

Schools in Mishawaka, IN

School City of Mishawaka

The School City of Mishawaka serves more than 5,000 students from kindergarten through high school and several adult programs. Its nine schools are dedicated to “Creating a Culture of Excellence” for students and staff. 

The School City of Mishawaka has one solidified set of values named “The Mishawaka Way.” The Mishawaka Way is a set of values all schools incorporate into their education curricula. The students and teachers in our Mishawaka schools use this one mindset to create life-changing experiences for its students.

Marian High School

Established in 1964, Marian High School is one of the few Catholic high schools in the surrounding area. Located in Mishawaka, Marian is well-respected for its educational curriculum and commitment to the spiritual growth of its students. Since its opening, Marian has taught over 7,000 students from Mishawaka and surrounding areas. Highly recognized sports teams and academic achievements make Marian High School stand out as one of the top schools in Mishawaka. 

Penn-Harris-Madison School District

With both its middle and high schools ranked among the nation’s best schools by U.S. News & World Report, Mishawaka is proud to be home to the Penn-Harris-Madison School District. It has a strong focus on success in both the classroom and extracurricular activities with the goal that every student finds a passion for a fulfilling life after school.

Bethel University

Mishawaka residents are fortunate to have a nationally recognized university in their hometown. We could not be happier to welcome Bethel University students to the Princess City to pursue their educations. Bethel University is a private Christian university focused on providing a postsecondary education rooted in Christian values and preparing its graduates for a lifetime of service.