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Fire Prevention Bureau

Fire Loss and Injury
Prevention through Education

In addition to their other duties, Mishawaka firefighters continue an intensive fire prevention and fire safety education program. In one year, over 5,100 people, mostly children, receive fire safety education through the Survive Alive House, Little Red and various meetings and school assemblies. These efforts help control the number of unfriendly fires in Mishawaka and reduce fire injuries, deaths and property damage.

We believe that the best fire is the one we DON’T have to fight. Thus, the Fire Prevention Bureau is committed to educating residents about fire safety because prevention of fires is the surest way to reduce injuries and losses due to fires. We inspect Mishawaka’s buildings. We check to ensure that fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, fire alarms and exit routes meet code requirements. And when fires do occur, we investigate their cause and origin. Our fire inspectors are on call 24-7, year-round.

Survive Alive House

We are excited to announce our Survive Alive House will soon be back and better than ever before! It will be housed in the new Fire Station 2 and a new fire station tour will be included.

In 1984, the Mishawaka Fire Department started the Survive Alive House, a one-of-a-kind public education program. This program has been so successful that fire departments around the nation are applying it to their existing programs.

The Survive Alive House is a scaled-down house where children can be taught how to safely exit their home when their smoke detector goes off. Children in the Mishawaka school system visit the Survive Alive House as part of their first, third and fifth-grade curriculum. Schoolchildren outside of Mishawaka are also invited to visit.

For more information about the program or to make a request, please contact us.