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Code Enforcement

How Can We Help You?

The Department of Code Enforcement’s mission is to serve the residents of the City of Mishawaka by identifying and restoring code issues in our Mishawaka neighborhoods and responding to residents’ concerns in a prompt and professional manner. Mishawaka Code Enforcement takes initial complaints, follows-up and investigates complaints, performs inspections, maintains and enforces City of Mishawaka Municipal Codes for land as well as structures of a property. 

About Us

The Mishawaka Code Enforcement team consists of seven staff members including the Director of Code Enforcement. Five Code Enforcement Officers each have a specific district within the City of Mishawaka to oversee. This allows each code officer to become familiar with their “territory”, resulting in more expeditious and compliant results. The code enforcement office manager is responsible for receiving and dispatching all concerns and tips to the appropriate code enforcement officer or other city department if necessary.

Need to report a violation? Let us know!

Weights and Measures Division

We assure fairness in commerce, assure the accuracy of scales, pumps and other ways of quantifying commodities that are paid for by proportional weight or measure.

Common Violations

The goal of the Code Enforcement Department is to protect property values and uphold the hometown reputation of having clean and well-kept neighborhoods. Violations have a detrimental effect not only on the appearance of specific properties but also on the surrounding neighborhood.

Who to Contact:

Vacant Property (Code Enforcement)Animal Concerns (Humane Society)Dead Animals in Street (Street Department)Tall Weeds and Grass
(Code Enforcement)
Abandoned Vehicle on Street (Police Department)Abandoned Vehicle on Private Property (Code Enforcement)RV/Boat/Travel Trailer
(Planning and Community Development)
(Code Enforcement)
Curb or Sidewalk Concerns (Engineering)Loss, Theft, Vandalism
(Police Department)
Signage/Yard Sales
(Planning and Community Development)
(Code Enforcement)
(Street Department)
Traffic Sign/Signal Issue
(Street Department)
Dilapidated Structures (Code Enforcement)Construction Concerns (Engineering)
Drainage Issues
(Sewer Department)
Illegal Dumping
(Code Enforcement) & (Police Department)

Concerns that Code Enforcement
addresses include:

  • Tall grass & unhealthful overgrowth
  • Accumulated garbage & trash
  • Support St. Joseph County Humane Society with the enforcement of animal ordinances
  • Abandoned vehicles on residential properties
  • Timely snow shoveling
  • Substandard structures (peeling paint, broken windows, dilapidated structures)
  • Vacant structures

Check out our easy-to-read diagrams for examples of these and other problems and ways you can keep your neighborhood and Mishawaka looking good.

Enforcing Regulations

The Code Enforcement Department prides itself on working not only with property owners but also with the various departments and community resources of Mishawaka like the St. Joseph County Humane Society and Household Hazardous Waste Center. Working together helps ensure that every property and structure in every neighborhood is maintained at a quality consistent with community standards and expectations.

For example, we work with the Planning Department to co-manage pools, recreational vehicles, signage and fencing. The St. Joseph County Humane Society is charged with enforcing the City of Mishawaka’s animal ordinances as well as maintaining animal control. The City of Mishawaka Fire Department shares the responsibility of ensuring smoke detector and protected premises compliance. Code Enforcement enforces and manages private rentals while the Mishawaka Fire Department manages commercial residential rentals.

Our Expertise

Each year, Code Enforcement handles thousands of cases, including everything from reports of tall grass to snow-covered walkways and abandoned vehicles. The majority of cases involve houses and garages that simply need a fresh coat of paint, though some also have problems with broken windows and fallen gutters.

In the end, it is Code Enforcement’s responsibility to ensure that every building and yard in every neighborhood is maintained at a quality consistent with community standards and expectations.

City of Mishiwaka Indiana, The Princess City Established 1833


100 Lincolnway West
Mishawaka, IN  46544

Phone (574) 258-1612
Fax (574) 258-1713
Director: Joe VanNevel

Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 4:45 pm