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Rate Changes

Mishawaka Utilities is changing its credit/debit card transaction fee structure. As of September 1st, 2023, all credit and debit card payments will incur a 2.95% fee per transaction with a minimum fee of $2.75.  

Below are some frequently asked questions, but if you have additional questions about these changes, please contact our office by calling 574-258-1630 or email

Mishawaka Utilities is always looking to simplify the payment process for our customers. The simplest and quickest way to pay is online, so to lower online payment transaction fees, we’ve decided to transition to a percentage-based fee structure. With this transition, customers will also benefit from an increased single transaction limit of $125,000.

This change affects credit and debit card bill payments, including payments made in-office, kiosk payments, IVR, and all recurring credit and debit card transactions.

No, ACH payments are not affected by this change. The fee structure for ACH payments will remain the same at $3.75 per transaction.

No, if you pay your bill via your banking website this will have no impact on you.

No, this change will have no impact on autopay/Ez-Pay customers.

No action is required currently.

There are many ways you can pay without paying a fee those can be found on our website here: