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Rate I - Industrial Power Service

To Whom Available

Available for all industrial customers taking service through one three-phase meter with a monthly billing demand greater than 149KW.

Character of Service

Alternative current, sixty-cycle, three-phase service supplied through a single set of service wires to a single meter location. The service voltage shall be standard secondary voltage as the Utility may, at its option, make available.

Any applicant requiring service differing from that to be supplied as herein provided shall provide proper converting, transforming, regulating, or other equipment upon his own premises at his own expense.


The rate for electrical energy supplied hereunder shall be as follows:

Customer Charge:

$ 16.99 per month for each service location.

Demand Charge:

$ 6.42 per KW of billing demand for the month OR at the Utility’s option: $5.78 per KW of billing demand for the month if it is determined by metering that customer’s monthly power factor is less than 85% leading or lagging.

Energy Charge:

$0.0574 per kWh for all kWh.

Non-Recurring Charges


Contracts under this rate shall be made for no less than one year and shall be self-renewing for successive periods of one year each until either party shall give at least 48 hours’ notice to the other of their intention to discontinue service at the end of any earlier period. The Utility reserves the right to require contracts for periods in excess of one year.

Monthly Minimum Payment

The monthly minimum charge shall be the Customer Charge plus Demand Charge plus the Energy Charge for the month.

Measurement of Maximum Demand

Maximum demand shall be measured by suitable recording instruments provided by the Utility and in any month the maximum demand expressed in kilowatts shall be the highest registration of a 15 minute integrating demand meter or the highest registration of a thermal type demand meter.

Billing Demand

The billing demand for any month shall be the greater of (i) 5 KW or (ii) the maximum demand for the month.

Delivery Voltage

Where the Utility elects to meter the customer’s service at the Utility’s primary voltage, the measured maximum demand and energy will be multiplied by 0.98.

Primary Voltage Service

Where customer furnished and maintains all transformers, and/or other apparatus necessary for the customer to take its entire service at the primary voltage of the Utility’s distribution system, a credit of $0.39 per KW of monthly billing maximum load will be applied to each month’s net bill.

(Effective September 1, 2022)