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Mishawaka Trash Pickup and Recycling Program

Everything You Need to Know about Your Trash and Recyclables

Mishawaka provides our residents with a high-value, low-cost service for the weekly curbside collection of recyclables, trash and garbage, large furniture and appliances, and yard waste. Residents are billed for trash service on their Mishawaka utility bill.

If residents have questions regarding pickup days or need to make changes to their services, please see the following documents for more information.

If residents are experiencing issues with their trash and recyclables, please fill out the Mishawaka Trash and Recycling Form or call the Republic Services line at 1-800-888-5783.

Mishawaka Recycling Program

Residents’ recycling is collected by Republic Services of Indiana. Residents can place their recycling on their curbside on the same day as trash pickup. Please ensure your trash and recycling items are not commingled. For helpful tips on what items should be recycled, use the following information sheet.


Use the following table as a helpful guide to your recycling. This is a general list; further details can be found in the Information Sheet above.

Yes! Please RecycleNo! Do Not Recycle
NewspapersContaminated Paper
Mixed PaperStyrofoam
CardboardClothing or Other Textiles
Glass ContainersCeramics or Commercial Glass
AluminumHazardous, Medical, Universal, Electrical Waste
Plastic ContainersConstruction or Demolition Material
Steel & Tin CansWaxed or Coated Cardboard Boxes

Senior Trash Pickup Rate

A discounted senior rate is available to residents who are 65 years or older AND own the property in which they currently reside. If the resident owns multiple properties, the discount can apply only to the primary property where the resident is living. Tenants of rental properties do not qualify for this discount. For more information on our senior trash rates, other discounts, limits and restrictions, check out our Residential Services Information Sheet.

Yard Waste Reminders

We would like to remind you that it is permitted for residents to mix their yard clippings and yard waste along with their general trash. Dumping yard waste, especially grass, into landfills helps to produce methane gas, which in turn helps landfills to decompose better.

Yard waste and regular trash will be picked up by the same truck and do not need to be separated in different containers or placed in separate locations.