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JOB TITLE: Chemist
DEPARTMENT: Utilities – Wastewater Division
SALARY: $2,485.35 Bi-Weekly 
HOURS: 7:00am – 4:00pm 

To perform skilled, technical work with respect to conducting laboratory analysis of various wastewaters in a responsible and accurate manner and related tasks as required.  Uses independent judgement relating to daily analytical procedures, computing data and determining appropriate use of laboratory equipment.  Reports to and accepts assignments from the Chief Chemist and the Wastewater Division Manager or his designee.

Must have sufficient knowledge and dexterity to operate:
– Analytical balance
– Pipettes
– Autoclave
– Spectrophotometer
– pH, dissolved oxygen, ammonia and conductivity meters
– Other laboratory chemicals, supplies, equipment and glassware
– Personal computer

Most analytical work is done in the laboratory. May be required to assist in other areas in the city or to help in treatment process areas in or around the plant. May be required to perform sampling at industries, CSO’s, locations in the collection system, storm sewer outfalls, and river samples from bridges.

Must be able to stand or sit for long periods of time. Stooping, reaching and climbing ladders to reach shelves required. Must have dexterity to handle small and delicate equipment. Must be able to differentiate color changes involved in analytical testing and read small print and fine details on instruments. Must be able to lift and carry lab equipment, supplies, chemicals and samples weighing up to 25 lbs. Must be able to mix samples by shaking.

Must be able to work alone and/or with others in the performance of laboratory responsibilities. The laboratory is an environment where strong acids and bases and other potentially dangerous materials are stored and used. Offensive odors are present at times.

Must be able to take samples (where requested) and perform chemical, physical and bacteriological tests on various wastewaters. Must be able to record scientific data in a neat and legible manner, keeping accurate and current records. Must maintain an accurate quality control and assurance program for wastewater analytical test procedures, equipment and instrumentation. Must be able to prepare standard solutions and reagents for conducting laboratory tests. Must maintain and monitor required calibration for laboratory apparatus, equipment and instrumentation, and record information in a quality control notebook. Must observe and practice applicable safety rules and procedures established for conducting analytical work. Must be able to evaluate and record plant instrumentation and log sheet data as required.
NOTE: This list of basic duties and responsibilities include most, but may not comprise all of the specific tasks that may be required.

Must maintain laboratory in a state of cleanliness, order and good hygiene. Must assist the Chief Chemist in the preparation of periodic reports to the IDEM/EPA and other regulatory agencies as required. Must assist the Chief Chemist in conducting and evaluating studies on the efficiency of treatment processes and methods.

Must have considerable knowledge of the methods, practices and procedures involved in the treatment and analysis of various wastewaters. Must be able to perform analytical procedures and tests in accordance with the latest edition of “Standard Methods”. Must be able to maintain accurate logs and records and to make mathematical calculations related to analytical procedures and process control. Must be able to effectively communicate with all levels of employees and officials. Must have considerable knowledge of State and EPA regulations relating to wastewater treatment. Must have considerable knowledge of the principles of bacteriology and chemistry as associated with wastewater treatment.

– A Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry, Biology or related science preferred, or the equivalent. Experience may be considered as a substitute for – education requirements.
– Must maintain a high level of efficiency in the performance of the job.
– Must pass a pre-employment drug screen.
– Must adhere to the City of Mishawaka’s Drug and Alcohol-Free Policy.
– Must adhere to the City of Mishawaka’s Confidentiality Statement.

Resumes/applications may be submitted via email, fax, regular mail, or in person to:
Mail: Human Resources
City of Mishawaka
100 Lincolnway West
Mishawaka, Indiana 46544
Fax: (574) 254-0197
Email: humanresources@mishawaka.in.gov

To apply for this job email your completed application to humanresources@mishawaka.in.gov