What: Heat Advisory: Peak heat index values of 95 to 100 through Saturday. Where: Mishawaka, Portions of northern Indiana and southwest Michigan. When: Until 8 PM EDT /7 PM CDT/ Saturday. Impacts: Hot temperatures and high humidity may cause heat illnesses to occur. Additional Details; Heat stress increases with the number of consecutive hot days. The effects of heat are most impactful for more vulnerable urban populations. Summary: Drink plenty of fluids, stay in an air-conditioned room, stay out of the sun, and check up on relatives and neighbors. Young children and pets should never be left unattended in vehicles under any circumstances.
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City of Mishawaka Public Servant Team Updates

Krista Neighbour has begun work in the Mayor’s office in the City of Mishawaka on Monday, June 5th.  Mayor Wood appointed Krista as the Mayor’s Executive Assistant.  She comes to the City with extensive professional experience with a background in communication, sales and local government and she has served as Director of Business Engagement for the City of South Bend.  Krista has a bachelor’s degree in public relations from IUSB and lives here in Mishawaka with her husband and three children.

She will be assuming many current duties of the position such as managing my office, youth council, constituent services, representing the City of Mishawaka on various community boards among other day-to-day duties.  She will also eventually be taking on new duties in the office, especially as related to communication, public relations, community outreach, etc.

Debra Gregg:  Mayor Dave Wood has promoted Debra to the position of Mayors Administrative Assistant.  Debby has taken on many extra duties in the office including office and budget oversight, official correspondence and much more.  She will still be sitting at the front desk, answering the phone and performing receptionist duties that she has done so effectively and professionally over the years.

Ifeoluwa Aluko  Ife (pronounced Efay) is a rising sophomore studying mathematics at the University of Notre Dame. She was born in Nigeria and raised in New York City. During high school she was involved in her community through City government—where she assisted her city council member with a Participatory Budgeting process. She enjoyed talking to residents and informing them of the direct influence they have over their tax dollars.  She is exceptionally bright, cheerful and friendly and has quickly fit in and made new friends here at City Hall where she is excited to serve as an intern this summer. She will be working mornings and will be visiting and working in various departments.

Additionally, Mayor Wood would like to announce some other recent appointments that he has made to have made to various boards and commissions.  Congratulations to all!

Mike Szymanski   – Mayor Dave Wood has appointed Mike to the Mishawaka Bond Bank Board.  He will step in for Yvonne Milligan who had to step away for professional reasons.  Mike is a Private Banker at 1st Source and is a new resident in downtown Mishawaka where he loves living.  He brings years of banking experience to the board and a love for the Princess City.

Steve Murphy – Mayor Dave Wood has appointed Steve to the Mishawaka Redevelopment Commission where he will fill the position vacated by Gary O’Dell following his recent retirement.  Steve comes from a very large family; his brother, Marty was the chief architect responsible for building design here at our new City Hall.  His brother, Pat is an attorney in Mishawaka (right across the street from City Hall), His brother, John is the St. Joseph County Auditor, His brother, Tom is a local accountant and his Sister, Anne runs the Women’s Care Center and is building their new office downtown Mishawaka.  Steve, his wife and their many children live in the Twin Branch area, and he is a real estate developer and successful businessman.

Dale Freeman   has graciously accepted Mayor Wood’s call to serve on the Mishawaka Board of Public Works and Safety.  He will remain on the Mishawaka Plan Commission as well.  Dale is a very experienced public servant and has served extraordinarily well in various roles throughout the city of Mishawaka.