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Elevating Emergency Medical Services Training: Mishawaka Fire Department Adopts iSimulate Realti 360 System for Advanced Evolutions

In an investment to enhance Emergency Medical Services (EMS) training, the Mishawaka Fire Department has recently acquired the iSimulate Realti 360 system, complemented by the Atlas Manikin. This cutting-edge EMS training system promises to revolutionize the way our emergency responders prepare for life-saving scenarios, ultimately benefiting the Mishawaka community.

By investing in this state-of-the-art EMS training system, the Mishawaka Fire Department demonstrates its commitment to providing the highest level of care to our community. This innovative approach to training equips our EMS personnel with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the dynamic and often unpredictable nature of emergency medical situations.

As we welcome this transformative technology into our community, we can rest assured that our emergency medical responders are receiving the best possible training, ultimately contributing to the safety and well-being of Mishawaka residents. The Mishawaka Fire Department’s adoption of the iSimulate Realti 360 system marks a significant stride towards the continued excellence of our emergency response teams.

**Key Features of the iSimulate Realti 360 System for EMS Training:**

1. **Medical Scenario Simulations:** The iSimulate Realti 360 system offers a diverse range of medical scenarios, allowing EMS personnel to practice and refine their skills in responding to various emergencies, such as cardiac arrests, trauma incidents, and more.  The system allows for practice on all of the following topics:

Realistic airway
Airway occlusion (head tilt/chin lift, jaw thrust)
Sellick maneuver
Oral and nasal intubation using OPA, NPA, iGel, LMA, LT, ETT
Esophageal intubation
BVM ventilation
Gastric insufflation

Realistic chest rise and fall
etCO2 waveforms
SPO2 waveforms

Hand position detection
Chest compression
Real-time Quality CPR feedback
Debriefing (in a summary performance report)

AED or manual defibrillation simulation
12 Lead ECG
Vital sign monitoring
Assessment and treatment of more than 70 arrhythmias
Cardioversion and pacing

Circulatory skills
IV and IO
Drug administration
Temperature management
Blood pressure
Adjustable BP levels (systolic/diastolic)
Automatic carotid pulse (synchronized with ECG)
Variable pulse rates

2. **Realistic Patient Interaction:** The inclusion of the Atlas Manikin ensures lifelike patient interactions during simulations. This realistic training dummy allows EMS professionals to practice assessments, treatments, and interventions in a controlled environment, improving their clinical proficiency. 

3. **Dynamic Team Training:** The simulation system facilitates team-based training, promoting effective communication and collaboration among EMS responders. This teamwork-oriented approach ensures that our emergency medical teams are well-prepared to handle complex situations with precision and efficiency.

4. **Customizable Scenarios:** The iSimulate Realti 360 system’s versatility enables the customization of scenarios based on the specific needs and challenges encountered in Mishawaka. This adaptability ensures that EMS personnel are well-equipped to address the unique demands of our community.

5. **Data-Driven Performance Feedback:** The system provides detailed performance feedback, allowing EMS professionals to assess their responses objectively. This data-driven approach supports continuous improvement, ensuring that our emergency responders stay at the forefront of medical advancements and best practices.