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Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting for the Innovative Battell Park, New Playground and Splashpad

(City of Mishawaka) A Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting took place on Friday, July 14, 2023, at 10 am for the new, innovative Battell Park and Splashpad.

The newest addition to Battell Park, is located in the northwest corner of park, near intersection of Mishawaka Ave. and Forest Ave.

In Mishawaka, we strive to be the most Livable City in Northern Indiana. Mishawaka continues to build a community that future generations can be proud of – a place that is desirable not only to live, work, raise a family, recreate and retire, but also to visit, shop, seek health care and do business.

Mishawaka is excited to announce the opening of the newly constructed, wheelchair accessible playground and splashpad in Battell Park. This is the first Mishawaka Park to use AstroTurf for the playground surface as well as have a park more accessible for individuals with disabilities.

In addition to the AstroTurf, Mishawaka Parks will also feature 2 other unique elements in the new playground:

  • We-Go-Round® is fully wheelchair accessible and promotes fun interaction by having all users face each other. It can be turned from the inside or outside, allowing everyone to participate in the fun.
  • The Sensory Play Center® adds another layer for families to enjoy. By engaging the senses, it helps kids of all abilities further their development as they play together. Built-in tactile elements encourage kids to explore various rough and smooth textures and shapes.