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Jackson Laudeman and Noah Smith Sworn in Tuesday, August 15th by Mayor Dave Wood as Probationary Patrol officers.

There is no service provided by local government more vital than public safety. The Mishawaka Police Department’s proactive approach to police work continues to keep the City of Mishawaka a safe place to live. The constant patrols, painstaking detective work, active community involvement, and focused training are all fundamental strengths of the department. Mayor Dave Wood and his administration continue to be thankful every day for the outstanding work that is performed by the Mishawaka Police Department.

Two new additions were made today to the MPD ranks.  Mishawaka Police Applicants Jackson Laudeman and Noah Smith were sworn in today, Tuesday, August 15th by Mayor Dave Wood     as probationary Patrol officers.   Jackson and Noah have completed all department testing and background investigation and psychological examinations. They come to the MPD with police experience, as they both are lateral transfers from the Michigan City Police Department.