New Traffic alert – Charles St from Lincolnway East to Vistula Rd restricted to thru traffic. (6/4-8/16) Access to Twin Branch Park and parking lot is open. NIPSCO has also notified the City of Mishawaka that a very necessary and immediate repair/maintenance is going to take place on their 16″ Steel Pipeline on southbound 331.  There will be partial lane closure southbound 331 starting Wednesday, 6/5/2024 on 331 near Dragoon Trail and Dragoon Trail will be closed west of 331 (1,600 feet) for excavation.  The work may take longer than five days to complete. It will most likely take crews five days to repair the line with additional days to do inspection and clean up/restore the excavation area. NIPSCO is looking at closer to being in that area for two weeks.    
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Mishawaka Police Department Honors Officer Nathan DeVreese as Officer of the First Quarter 2024

School Resource Officer Nathan DeVreese has been recognized by the Mishawaka Police Department and awarded Officer of the First Quarter 2024. The award will be presented to Officer DeVreese on June 11th, 2024, at the Mishawaka Board of Public Works Meeting. This recognition comes as a result of a heroic lifesaving incident at Hums Elementary School.
The incident occurred on March 12th, 2024, when a staff member at Hums Elementary School began choking on food during lunch. The school nurse noticed the staff member signaling that she was choking and could not breathe. Despite her swift action in attempting the Heimlich maneuver, her efforts were unsuccessful due to the staff member’s size and strength.
Officer DeVreese quickly stepped in and performed the Heimlich maneuver, successfully clearing the blockage enough for the staff member to breathe and cough. His quick reaction and decisive actions during this crisis highlight his dedication and care as a School Resource Officer. His efforts prevented what could have been a serious emergency.
“Officer DeVreese’s commitment to serving the students and staff of Hums Elementary School has not gone unnoticed,” says Chief of Police Kenneth L. Witkowski. “His unwavering dedication, demonstrated not only in this instance but consistently throughout his service, is truly commendable.”
Officer DeVreese embodies the exemplary image of a Mishawaka Police Officer. His courage and passion for ensuring community safety extend beyond his regular duties. He consistently patrols Mishawaka Elementary Schools, Mishawaka Parks, and local areas to maintain safety and security. His commitment to going above and beyond in keeping our city safe is evident in all his actions.
On behalf of Chief Witkowski, the Administration, fellow officers, and civilian staff, we commend Officer Nathan DeVreese for his quick thinking and dedication to the safety and well-being of the school community