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New Water Tower at Gumwood Well Field

“The City of Mishawaka’s new Water tower project is starting to take shape. The new 1.5 million-gallon water tower sits at the current Gumwood Well Field. This $7 million-dollar project will increase pressure in the University Park Pressure District by 15 psi, provide more storage and greater firefighting capabilities as it will replace the current 1 million-gallon tower along University Drive. As The Tower was being raised today, August 4th 2022 and will be 153 feet at its highest point. Although it may look complete by late this summer, there will be many hours of work on the interior, and final completion will bring us to summer of 2023 when both the new tower and treatment plant will go on-line. If you are near the corner of Gumwood and Cleveland Road look up and you can’t miss seeing this new structure.”