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Winter Excavation Permit Moratorium

Effective December 23, 2023 the City of Mishawaka Engineering Department will issue a hard stop and cease issuance of excavation permits for all non-emergency utility extension projects until April 1, 2024.  This moratorium pertains to restricting traffic and working within a roadway travel lane in addition to actual excavations in the right of way. We request your cooperation in promptly completing all work and restoration of any excavation permit that you may have been issued and are currently under construction.

Section 54-85(c)(1) of the Mishawaka Municipal Code states:

“Except in the event of an emergency, excavation permits will not be issued between the dates of November 15 and April 1, inclusive. In the event of weather and ground conditions, particularly with respect to freezing, being favorable for excavation, the engineer may issue an excavation permit, with possible additional restrictions, for dates between November 15 and April 1.”

These limitations of excavation permits are necessary for the following reasons:

  1. Snow and ice limit the ability to properly locate and mark underground facilities
  2. Winter conditions compromise working conditions for utility personnel and the city snow removal personnel and equipment
  3. Construction operations within frozen streets places motorists in harms way
  4. The winter weather creates difficulties for pavement, sidewalk and lawn restoration


Questions regarding this moratorium may be directed to the City of Mishawaka Engineering Department