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The Alley Paving Program provides for a 50/50 split of costs with residents for placement of 2 inchesof bituminous pavement 10 feet in width. Typically, upon request, a field inspection of each alley is conducted to determine the feasibility of paving the alley. A list of all property owners adjacent to the alley is obtained from the County Assessor's Office.

This information is provided to a designee of the property owners, who is responsibility for collecting the per-linear-foot assessment from each property owner along the alley.

Residents along the alley benefit from this work because of the reduction of the dirt and dust generated by alley traffic. The Street Department benefits by not having to grade or oil the paved alley for at least ten years.

There are 253,583 linear feet, or 48.03 total miles, of alley that are open to the public. A significant number of these have been paved, paid for jointly by the City and property owners.

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The Alley Delegate is the person in charge of gathering funds and talking with all property owners along the alley.

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