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The Mishawaka Code Enforcement Department consists of six staff members; the director (also a code/substandard housing officer), four code enforcement/substandard housing officers and one office manager. By separating the city into quadrants, each officer has become more familiar with his/her "territory", resulting in more thorough inspections and expeditious and positive results.

Their duties include taking initial complaints, following up on them, making inspections, maintaining and enforcing Minimum Housing Codes and City Ordinances and handling Animal Control problems in conjunction with the St. Joseph County Humane Society (agent to the City of Mishawaka regarding animal control). The Code Department also maintains a Rental Property Smoke Detector Renewal, which not only registers each landlord, but maintains a database of how many smoke detectors they have in their rental units.

The Code Enforcement Department prides itself in working with property owners in the City of Mishawaka ensuring that all code and substandard issues are seen through to completion meeting all code enforcement and property maintenance codes, with citations being issued or code hearings held only when voluntary code compliance cannot be negotiated by the department director and his three code enforcement/substandard housing officers.

In 2016, Code Enforcement handled 4,172 public nuisance type cases.  These include (but are not limited to) 2,471 tall grass cases, 949 snow shoveling cases, and 274 abandoned vehicle cases. Also in 2016, Code Enforcement handled 457 substandard structure cases.  The majority of these were houses and garages that simply needed to be painted, but these types of cases also include broken windows, fallen gutters, etc.

The Code Enforcement Department is charged with the duty of ensuring that every building and yard in every neighborhood is maintained at a quality consistent with community standards and expectations.



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