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Disabled Mishawaka residents can apply for disabled parking signage and a blue curb in front of their home. Please note that any disabled parking place on the city streets of Mishawaka may be used by anyone who possesses a disabled placard or disabled license plate. Anyone parking in these spaces without a proper disabled placard or plate is subject to a $50 fine.

The process to obtain the disabled parking signage in Mishawaka is:

  1. Resident or family member must bring the disabled parking hang tag or vehicle registration to the Engineering Department at City Hall, 600 East Third Street (office hours 8:30am to 4:45pm), where a copy of this information will be made.
  2. They will be requested to provide their address and telephone number.
  3. This information will be forwarded to the Traffic Division of the Mishawaka Police Department.
  4. A representative of the Traffic Division will contact the resident to arrange for a date and time to discuss the request for disabled parking signage.
  5. The Traffic Division sends a report to the Board of Public Works, indicating either approval or denial of this request. *
  6. Requests are forwarded to the Board of Public Works for action at the next regular meeting, which is every Tuesday.
  7. The resident will receive a letter notifying them of the Board's approval.
  8. Upon the Board's approval, a Work Order is issued to the Traffic Department for the installation of signage and painting the curb blue, weather permitting.
  9. The Engineering Office maintains a database of all disabled parking locations, which is reviewed on a yearly basis. The resident who acquires this signage is to notify the Engineering Department at 258-1619 on a yearly basis of their need to retain this designated disabled parking.

*Process could take 3-4 weeks.



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