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How to Begin

Tired of writing us a check month after month? Just think...no more checks, no more postage stamps, no more trips to the post office or our office. You'll never have to worry about your payment being late again. It's simple.

  1. Just fill out our EZ Pay application. You can print it off of our website; or, call a customer service representative and we'll send you one; or, stop by our office at 126 N. Church Street and pick one up.
  2. Void a blank check by marking it "Void" and attach it to your printed EZ Pay Application. Note: the name on your checking account MUST match the name on your account with us.
  3. Mail the voided check and your EZ Pay application form with your next payment.


How it Works

Each month, your bank account will be debited on the day your payment is due. The debited amount will appear on your monthly bank statement. And you'll still receive a monthly bill from us reflecting the amount scheduled to be debited from your bank account on the due date. Whether you're a residential, commercial or industrial customer, you'll find our new EZ Pay payment plan the most convenient way to pay your bill. Would you rather pay your bill online each month? Invoice Cloud may be a better choice than EZ Pay for you. 




Billing Dates

You will still receive your MU bill monthly and have at least 10 days to review it before payment is due. The due date shown on the top portion of your bill will be the date your payment will be debited from your bank account. Call a Mishawaka Utilities customer service representative at (574) 258-1630 if you have questions about any charges billed to you.


Start-up of EZ Pay Services

After we receive your authorization form, we will notify you when EZ Pay will take effect on your account. This process could take 1-2 months to complete. You should continue to pay your bill as before, until you receive a bill that says, "Your bank account will be drafted." The amount and date of your payment will appear on your monthly bank statement. This is your receipt of payment.


Stopping an EZ Pay Payment

You can stop any payment by notifying your bank or financial institution before your due date. ALSO, please call an MU Customer Service representative to advise us of your stop payment at (574) 258-1630.

Remember: When you stop a payment, you are responsible for the associated bank charges. (Just as you are when you stop payment on a check)


Canceling the EZ Pay Service

To stop using EZ Pay you must send written notice, 30 days in advance, advising us of your intent to discontinue your authorization.


Important Additional Information


Changing Bank Accounts

Please contact us if you are changing banks or bank accounts to make sure that your payments will continue. We will send you a new application to update your records.


Insufficient (NSF) Funds

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have enough money in your account on your payment date. If not, in addition to any bank charges, MU will charge a $20 fee for any payment returned due to insufficient funds. Repeated returned payments due to insufficient funds can result in cancellation of your EZ Pay Plan.

Fill out the EZ Pay On-Line Application

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