Riviera Place District

Street Address: Riviera Drive

Architecture: Multiple

Year Built: 1920s

Year Landmarked:

City Ordinance: 3866-9444611

National Registry #:

The Riviera Place Subdivision represents one of the City's first exclusive and upscale suburbs with most of the homes constructed in the 1920's. It has a distinct collection of architectural styles and its construction was made possible by the introduction and widespread use of automobiles. The Riviera Place District includes nine properties, including 4 Outstanding (2432, 2430, 2428 and 2436); the rest Notable/Contributing.

Riviera Place Subdivision was surveyed and platted in 1926. The boundaries of Riviera Place Historic District include the St. Joseph River to the north, Lincoln Way East to the South, Capital Avenue to the east, and Brook Avenue to the west. An impressive, brick gateway signifies the entrance to Riviera Drive and the main portion of Riviera Place, yet the sweeping landscape including spacious lawns, mature trees, and a curvilinear drive are the characteristics of Riviera Place Subdivision.

Changes to Riviera Place have been minimal over time. During the 1950s, several of the original lot dimensions were changed to allow for the construction of the house at 2402 Lincoln Way East. In addition, at an undetermined date the landscape island between Lincoln Way East and Riviera Drive was altered and property lines redrawn to portray a more accurate and equal distribution of land to each of the property owners. A primary change occurred in the mid 1980s when Capital Avenue was extended north past Lincoln Way East. In doing so, the orientation of Riviera Drive was changed from a thru-drive to a cul-de-sac.