Rudolph Kamm House

Street Address: 617 Lincolnway West

Architecture: Craftsman Style

Year Built: 1909

Year Landmarked:

City Ordinance: 3713-9328159

National Registry #:

This Tudor Revival style house was built for Adolph Kamm in 1909 as a wedding present for his son Rudolph and his bride, Josephine. The home is a two-story, brick, asymmetrical Tudor Revival style house with strong Craftsman style influences. Rudolph and Josephine Kamm raised four children in the house. Rudolph Kamm was a prominent Mishawakan who was general manager, brewmaster, and eventually president of the Kamm-Schellinger Brewery.

The house is constructed of solid brick masonry set on a stone foundation. The house is side-gabled with a front facing, gabled, wall dormer slightly projecting out over the porch roof on the west side and a gabled dormer on the east side of the north façade. The Tudor style is evidenced by the stucco and half-timbered veritacl boards in the pediments of the principal gables and dormers. The roof elements, brick porch, and ribbon of three windows are examples of the Craftsman influence.

In 1925, it was sold to Schyler and May Rose who in turn sold it to Nelson and Agnes Christianson. The Christianson’s owned the house until the death of Agnes in 1971. During the mid-1980’s, the house became a business, specializing in the sale and repair of computers. The house is currently owner by Mr. and Mrs. Scott Stevens who, for a time, operated a bed and breakfast in the house.